A short but devastating melee weapon that is kept alongside the favoured Nightooth, the Blood Thirst is a well-balanced dagger that can rip apart flesh in two distinct ways. Gracing either side of the two and half palmspans length of blade, are two distinct edges: one slightly curved and razor sharp, and the other a deadly array of jagged spiked edges.

The Blood Thirst

View picture in full size Picture Description. A Kasumarii weapon in bloody action: the Blood Thirst. Image by Eshh K'ryvvlen.

Description. This silver-grey blade is made out of metal bartered from Kasumarii exchanges with Carabrand, since the abundant metals found in Cyhalloi are both pliable and impure. During the latter stages of forging, the symbol for Echiilan, the Kasumarii deity of Silent Swords and Swift Returns, is etched onto its surface. The sharp side of the blade starts out as the usual edge of a sword but slowly curves out as it reaches towards the end. The jagged side of the Blood Thirst consists of six or seven spiked edges, all of the same uniform length.

The handle, a mere palmspan, is weighted to co-incide with the weight of the blade itself, giving the Blood Thirst a truly balanced feel. This balance is needed since the blade is traditionally held parallel with the ground, and with the blade facing to the right side of the body. Usually found as dark black, the handle can also be seen as blood red, a mark of those fully expertised in the usage of the weapon.

The Blood Thirst also exists in another form - the Kar-ii Handknife which is sometimes used to gut fish or to rip the flesh off orcs, which are then used for other resources.
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Usage. The Echiilianni sect of the Kar-ii are the only order who use the Blood Thirst. Using it occassionally in place of the Nightooth, this balanced weapon is ideal for offensive fighting, and for causing both torture and pain. With only two strokes a wound can be torn horrifically asunder, causing much blood to flow onto the blade. Traditionally the Blood Thirst was only really used for vendetta or revenge purposes, before it finally became a standard weapon of the Echiilianni.

Upon death, tradition dictates that the Blood Thirst be passed on to the closest kin or friend of the fallen, so that they can carry out the revenge for the deceased. If such an act is impossible, blood must run from the blade for three straight days, before it is driven into the grave of the dead.
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Fighting Style. There is only one way to correctly handle a Blood Thirst. Holding it by the handle with the blade running parallel to the ground, the end of the blade is pointed away to the right of the body, with the jagged edge closest to the right arm.

Upon a sidewards swiping motion, the razor sharp side of the blade cuts a wound across an opponent's chest, this act so fast, that an opponent does not immediately react, providing the opportunity for the second return stroke which houses the jagged edge. This jagged side proceeds to tear the wound right open - causing as much pain as possible.

The Blood Thirst is an extremely painful
weapon upon contact with its jagged edge, and is always covered in blood - earning the weapon its namesake.

Though light and balanced, a strong arm is needed to wield the Blood Thirst, due to the second strike which is used to power the returned slash of the jagged side. This is another reason why both the blade and handle are in perfect weight sync, so that the blade is not accidentally forced from the hand during the second strike. Excellent in causing pain and blood to freely flow, it is only ever useful in close
weapon combat or stealth attacks, and will easily find trouble facing up against larger stature swords.

weapon can also be used in conjunction with the Nightooth, as a final deadly strike to a fallen opponent. Return to the top

Origin/History. The Blood Thirst has been a part of the
Kasumarii for as long as anyone can remember. Thought to have been forged in honour of the deity Echiilan, the structure of the weapon bares faint resemblance to the infamous Ashe-Malar. Theorised to have been created by the first Acolytes of Echiilan, it is said to have been used solely for ceremonial purposes, before finally becoming used as a standard deadly weapon. The inclusion of the symbol of Echiilan etched onto the blade is a much recent development, and now every Echiilianni holds a Blood Thirst on their person. Return to the top

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