Below you can find the moving story Luci's mom made up for her daughter's little child, Juju, in order to explain the disappearance of her mother to her.
We'd like to share it with you as Luci's mom did with the congregation in church, where she had also prepared a big photo of Any. This picture rests now on her bed table.

od was very sad because in his large garden in heaven there were so many animals suffering from all kinds of sickness.

God was thinking: "What shall I do? I need a someone who can take care of all the illnesses, a veterinarian to help my animals!"


Juju and her grandma

Picture description. Juju and her grandma, Lucirina's mom.

So he opened a window in heaven and looked down on the Earth. And there he saw Ana Maria with some pets. The pets were sick as well, just as those in heaven, and Ana Maria tended them, so that they could go back home again.

God was pleased and thought: "I need someone to help me up here..." and so he decided to ask Ana Maria, who knew so much about animals. "Please," he said to her, "Could you come up here perhaps and look after my animals as well, as alone I cannot look after every beast?"

Ana Maria answered. "No. I like to be with my daughter Juliana!"

God said: "But Juliana is healthy and strong, you know, but my animals here are suffering, and they need someone." He thought a bit about it. "See, I make you an offer. If you come up here, every time when your Juju feels rain falling on her face it will be just like a kiss from you and when the wind sings, howls, soughs, whistles or weeps then she will hear your voice, and when she looks at a flower, its beauty will always remind Juju of your love for her! And finally in the night when she looks at the stars it will be as if she'd be twinkling at you... - What do you think, Ana?"

"Well," said Ana Maria, looking once more on what she would leave. "I see that you need me, and if it is as you say, then I will go and be with you."


Juliana asked her grandmother: "Will I never see mommy again?" And she answered: "No, only on a photo that she may send you." Juliana answered: "Ok. Then everything is good."

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