The Santharian Dream has always been a site for dreamers. It is a site for people who want to share their creativity with others, who write, draw, make music, communicate and work together on a project, without frontiers, making no difference in country, race, religion, politics and everything else that may seperate people in real life. Santharia is a project for all those people who work together on building a dream of a fantastic universe, who know how important it is to have a dream to cling to in life. - Ana Maria was a dreamer as well. And she was one of us and will always be. And we are glad to dedicate the efforts of this site in honour of our lost member, Ana Maria alias Lucirina.

Ana Maria (Lucirina)
Picture description. Ana Maria alias Lucirina Telor Vevan as seen on one of her last photos.

Joining a Dream. Ana Maria Salinas Norbakk joined the development team of the Santharian Dream officially on May 22nd 2002 under the Santharian name of Lucirina Telor Vevan (which means "Songbird" translated from Styrįsh). Lucirina recounted her discovery of Santharia herself at our 5th Anniversary special:

"My first encounter with Santharia was quite by accident. I am an avid IRC FFRP gamer and I was searching for some Tolkien writings to use as reference of one of my elf characters. Thus I stumbled over the site and started wandering around, I decided to join the RP board and try my hand out at the play-by-post RPG, staying mostly at The Thirsty Herald where I met my first friends on this site, Capher, Bobbo and Gararion.

Then one day, just because I felt like it, I posted my first entry in the Development Board, a poem. Which in first instance had nothing to do with Santharia at all. But I got hints and ideas from the Moderators and I started digging trough the information available at the site... and what can I say... I fell in love with it, with the people entries and the histories.

Since then I got to know some of the members on this site and I do consider them to be my dearest friends. I simply decided that I wanted to be a part of this place that had captivated me so... and thus... here I am, glad to have joined."

Picture description. Lucirina with one of her favourite fantasy symbols painted on her face: the unicorn.

To go with the Anniversary special Lucirina even composed a Homage to the Dream poem, showing us how much she loved this place and that she enjoyed to share her creativity with us whenever she could find the time. And indeed we were thankful to have Lucirina with us - we enjoyed her detailed entries she made for our Bestiary, we gave advice on poems she wrote in a tongue which was not her native one, and we looked forward to further installments of stories like Darbane the Fiddler or Once in a Red Moon. She even helped Bard Judith and Talia to introduce Santharian sweets to our Cookery Book and created an entry on one of the most famous bard schools on the Sarvonian continent. Loving to role play on the Adventures of Caelereth Role Playing Board, Lucirina even started a story on her own, the City of Bardavos RPG, where she entertained role players over several months with her profound Santharian knowledge. Eventually she also introduced her 3 year old daughter Juliana (Juju) to our site, who got an own team page, featuring as one our world's mascots.

During the more than two and a half years when Lucirina was part of the Santharian Dream she not only was a companion on our voyage into the fantastic realms of Caelereth, but Lucirina had also become a friend to many of us. Nearly daily we saw her posting on the Message Boards or communicated with her over instant messengers like MSN, working towards the same goal on our mission to make our world even more complete and wonderful.

Ana Maria

Though only a few of us knew her personally, many of us knew about her difficult life, first in Norway, then in Chile and finally in Canada. Her father died when she was only ten, and her mother moved with her to Chile to start a new life there. Life wasn't easy for Lucirina and had many ups and downs, but finally, in 2004 she came to Canada to marry there - it seemed that Lucirina could now start her own life with her husband she had got to know through the internet, they seemed to be the perfect couple.

The Tragedy.
Only two months after Lucirina's marriage we learned the irritating and shocking news of a tragedy which happened in Canada. For a long time we couldn't believe it but eventually had to announce on our Forum, which had also been Lucirina's home for so long, that our dear songbird, storywriter, poet and avid role player had died on October 13th 2004. She was stabbed in her own appartment and died of the injuries. Her husband later admitted to the murder and was arrested. Deeply saddened our players were with Lucirina in her dark hour.

We cannot comprehend why this tragedy had to happen, and we still feel deep grief about the loss of a long-term companion and friend, who will remain unreplaceable. And even though we are sad and alienated by this incomprehensible crime, life continues and so also for the Santharian Dream - but not without the memories about the times when Lucirina was still with us. And even though she is gone now from this world, her spirit lives on in everything that she created here on the site to realize her own dreams.

Pictures by Luci's mom, movie by Artimidor.

A Garden of Memories. We are glad that we could establish contact with Lucirina's mom after the tragedy and that our efforts to keep the memory of her daughter alive here in Santharia contribute to her comfort. We see it as our duty and honour to preserve Lucirina's deeds here in our realm and try to ensure that what she lived for will not vanish after her death, but that it will grow and bring fruits.

Lucirina's mom made a little memory garden herself at her house, which you can view on the slide show pictures to the right (click "next" for further images). It is a beautiful place full of flowers with her unicorn watching the cup with the ashes of Lucirina's remains and also a little waterfall. Things you can see in this garden are personal items of Lucirina, and we're sure she would have liked this place very much. You also see Lucirina's little daughter, Juju, on some of these pictures, who will have to grow up without her mom now, but as she is one of the Santharian mascots, the Santharian team will help together to make her life a bit easier.

And just as Luci's mom prefers to remember the positive things Lucirina accomplished in her life and keep these happy memories alive this Garden of Memories, so we will try to work on our Tribute to Lucirina here in Santharia as well - in order to make it a place where you like to stroll around, sit down and stay, enjoying the blossoms of the work we've done together, a place to remember and a place for hoping and dreaming.

To you, our dear Lucirina,
we dedicate this Dream we shared together, yours

Artimidor Federkiel

Webmaster of the Santharian Dream

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