Do you recognize this guy to the right? Looks familiar somehow, eh? Well, we've heard that he was a famous adventurer back then in his active time, this little fellow, having travelled over various places of a distant world, which aren't even mentioned in Santharian fairy-tales - but somehow he still looks like an old well-known friend, doesn't he?

Bilbo Baggins
View picture in full size Picture description. A well-known old friend pays a visit to Santharia. Image by Eratinalinfalah

Our tea drinking, very hobbitish visitor has made the acquaintance of wizards, dwarves and even dragons - at least so he says. And he even says that he found a magical ring and wrote on his biography when he posed for this portrait. See the sack with gold resting near his chair? Seems his travels have paid off and he has collected quite a bit of treasure and some oddities as well, like this strange sword he has hung up there on the wall, which he calls "Sting". Our visitor says it glows at times, but so far we couldn't confirm that. - Well, speaking about treasures and oddities: If you're looking for Santharian treasures and rare and exclusive things, then you might find something just as outr hobbit did, you only need to take a closer look at this section... With the advantage that you don't even need to travel through the whole world to discover intriguing stuff, a bit of clicking on the entry captions at the menu does the job as well!

"Treasures and Oddities": The name says it all: In this section you'll discover things of various kinds which don't fit in any of the other sections, but deserve a place on the main site. You'll find here rare gems which were either developed just for fun or are serious "by-products" of world development you shouldn't miss and will give you a good read.

Among these treasures and oddities are the articles of the New Santharian Journal, a fictive newspaper in the United Kingdom of Santharia, providing you with interviews and latest revelations. Or how about a primer for the Santharian kids to learn their ABC? The 5th Santharian Anniversary special with a detailed look back on how it all began and how the site progressed until now can be viewed here as well... Oh, and don't miss the famous Letters & Journals, giving you insights in the life of a noblewoman in Voldar or about the life of a Shadowcaster in Nybelmar.

Not all things you'll find in our "Treasury" may be dead serious, so I'm sure you'll like rummaging about this section a lot, especially when you already have some Santharian background to enjoy all the insider jokes;) - Happy discovering!

Yours sincerely Master of the Royal Treasury,
Artimidor Federkiel