In summer 2006, or according to the Santharian Calendar in 1666 a.S., the second major real-life gathering of Santharian developers took place at Talia's home in Germany near Landshut. Focus of this seven days lasting meeting was the rough development of Santharian history, starting from the time of Santhros until the current day. We've been quite productive, even though the integration of this timeline still needs a lot of refining (on which we are constantly working) before it can go up on the site in the form of official additions to our history tables. The creative minds of the whole brainstorming action were Talia, Gean, Faugar, Thuja, Artimidor (again, as they all were already part of Santhmoot 1665) and as special brand new guest we were able to welcome Koldar, who actually came twice in one week! Oh, and Dalá was also there in a way, sending a packet and entertaining us on Skype. Talia even organized a trip to King Ludwig II.'s Palace at Herrenchiemsee with us, and constructive ideas, food and fun there were aplenty!

Pic 1. Welcome back! One year after the first official Santhmoot, Talia welcomes the first visitors again.

Pic 2. Gean and Artimidor define first history details that should be discussed and determined in the group.

Pic 3. So where is that now on the map? With the maps in front of us we try to specify who went where and when.

Pic 4. Gean tastes the cake while still being fascinated by the historical possibilities a Santharian map can offer...

Pic 5. Thuja making notes on what should be put into the final history master table while Talia smiles impishly.

Pic 6. Thuja's frowning glance is caused by the fact that a photo is made, not because of Helen-Elise's fantastic cake.

Pic 7. Hmmm... If the troups move in from the east, what's with the west and why? And what would the north do? Questions, questions...

Pic 8. And here we go: Housedragon Dalá has sent us a packet, and the great moment of opening it has finally arrived!

Pic 9. Artimidor solemnly reads Dalá's greetings and is proud to announce another chapter of the "Magic and Murder" series has arrived!

Pic 10. Gean has brought with him a card game - it only lasts several hours until we manage to understand the rules...

Pic 11. Dalá has included a bunch of strange Singaporean food in her packet, including sugared fish specialties.

Pic 12. Indeed: Fish with sugar on it can cause strange facial expressions. - But only the brave survive!

Pic 13. Our dear host Talia, guiding us around once more through Bavaria.

Pic 14. One of the extremely rare pictures of Faugar, our photographer, here with Santhmoot-"newbie" Koldar.

Pic 15. Koldar joins the party on our journey to Herrenchiemsee.

Pic 16. Skype time with Dalá - Gean, Thuja and Talia listen to Arti's discussions with Dalá, our Singaporean housedragon.

Pic 17. "Hello? Dalá? You're there?" Artimidor tries to talk through a microphone that isn't even a microphone...

Pic 18. Gean joins the chat session form another computer in the house, obviously enjoying it.

Pic 19. First impressions of the lake Herrenchiemsee. King Ludwig II. of Bavaria built a castle on one of its isles.

Pic 20. Talia handing out the tickets to visit the Royal Palace, modelled after King Louis XIV.'s Versailles.

Pic 21. Gean in the Palace gardens looking for motivs. Another photographer obviously already found one.

Pic 22. The eyes of a webmaster - four Santharian members can be seen in this picture, including Faugar...

Pic 23. A part of the Palace of Ludwig II., begun in 1878, and left unfinished after the Emperor's death in 1886.

Pic 24. The Santharians at a lookout point, enjoying the good view over the idyllic Bavarian landscape.

Pic 25. Lively discussions about life the universe and everything take place.

Pic 26. Thuja showing the most recent photos he has made to Artimidor.

Pic 27. After the sightseeing we enjoy typical Bavarian meals - and beer of course.

Pic 28. After finishing the tour through "Bavarian Versailles" of the mad Louis XIV. admirer Ludwig we need a little rest.

Pic 29. The day concludes with further talks about life and plans of members and about Santharia in general.

Pic 30. Finally here's another exlcusive pic of Santharians playing badminton - or let's say: a picture of the attempt!

Pictures taken by various Santharian members