Dear Santharian Friends, Mooters, Non-Mooters and Wanna-Be-Mooters!

An internet community is a wonderful idea. It allows people from all over the world to find others sharing their interests, to get together virtually through message board discussion or through means of chatting - and sometimes to build something with their joined creativity while being miles or even whole continents apart. The Santharian Dream is such an example of a successful internet community. People hailing from countries from all over the world, of mixed ages, of different religions and skin colours, of varying political views and what not found together in Santharia, working with each other in order to create an online fantasy world never seen before.

Santhmoot Team

View picture in full size Image description. Group photo of Santharian members present at the last days of Santhmoot 1665.

The Santharian Dream is - as the name already implies - a dream. Not only one of our elven High Goddess Avá who is said to be dreaming the world we actually build, but Santharia also has always been a dream of connecting people to make such a project possible at all. A dream - to me - has always been more than just revery or idle fancy; a dream is an idea to hold on to, a horizon, a garden of possibilities if you so want, and as such bears in it the incentive to walk out and make it real, to live for this conviction. Santharia has become real already on the internet within the last 7 years of its existence, and every day we add more to its realization and completion, and the results we have achieved so far never cease to surprise and amaze me personally. Each member of the Santharian Dream with his or her ideas, entries, stories, poetry, drawings or musical contributions that are added to the site constitutes a part of the grand dream, but without all these parts Santharia could not exist. Together, aside from what we accomplish as a team development-wise, we also form a unity of love and understanding, and in creating we make this unity reality, just as the world of Caelereth itself comes to life more and more the longer it exists. Santharia has been a dream on which we have worked on and on which we are still working on diligently, a dream which is constantly becoming reality. To many of us Santharia has become a second home, a kind of family, a place where we know that our work is respected and where constructive criticism is to be expected - and many of us have become friends with people they have never before seen in their lives. - The idea of a meeting, a real-life gathering therefore arose quite naturally in the course of time, and yes, perhaps it was an idle fancy first. But it became what I call a dream, which sought its realization. And indeed, who would have believed that an "offline" get-together of Santharian developers from all over the world of the larger scale would be possible to realize at all? Well, believe it or not, another dream became reality in Santharia.

Fluffy & Rayne

Fluffy and Rayne, who had to leave earlier already.

In the last days of June 2005 (Rising Sun 1665 a.S.), after having managed to overcome all kinds of organizational obstacles, Santhmoot 2005 finally took place. Due to the exemplary hospitality of the famous Compendium Writer and Co-Admin at the RPG Board Talia and her fully supportive husband, a dozen Santharians were allowed to invade here home near Landshut (Bavaria, Germany). The meeting - officially named "Santhmoot 1665" - should last more than two and a half weeks. But the time of the meeting wasn't chosen accidentally. Aside from getting to know each other and discussing Santharian stuff, the attending members also watched the "Landshuter Hochzeit", a historical pageant that is among the greatest in Europe. More than 2000 participants in medieval costumes brought a festival to life in all the splendour of the Late Middle Ages - the wedding between Hedwig, the Polish King’s daughter, and Georg, the son of the Landshut Duke. Without any doubt the Landshuter Hochzeit was a spectacular feast, which was just perfect for the occasion. In order of appearance the following people participated at the first Santharian meeting ever, arriving within a timespan of two weeks: Talia Sturmwind, Arancaytar Ilyaran and Fluffy Ramblers (all Germany), Rayne Avalotus (California, USA), Artimidor Federkiel (Austria), Artemis (UK), Faugar (Poland), Gean Firefeet (Netherlands), Dalá'Valannía (Singapore), Bard Judith and her sister Alysse the Likely (both Canada) and finally Thuja (at home in Switzerland).

Artimidor presenting some flowers to Talia

View picture in full size Image description. Webmaster Artimidor presenting a boquet of flowers to Talia.

With the medieval background of the Landshuter Hochzeit Santhmoot 1665 should become more than just a regular meeting: We had medieval music, tournaments, but also organized sight-seeing tours through Bavaria watching bird shows, castles and caves, visited towns like Munich and even Salzburg in Austria, cooked our own meals, had productive discussions, a Bardic Circle, endured strange Japanese movies and much less strange other movies and sitcoms, organized birthday presents for one of our youngest Santharians, Juju - and we even learned creative ways to fold garbage... We could watch Artemis getting all hyper when the weather was fine and she could go out riding again, we were astonished by the musical talents of Aran, Gean, Judy and Alysse, laughed for hours at certain pictures Faugar managed to capture, wondered if there had ever existed any funnier hobbit than Dalá, and, and and... All in all we had lots of fun together, especially when looking at the photos we made - it's a pity that certain hilarious shots will remain unpublished, though. But anyway, most important of all is that we got to know each other personally, a unique experience the internet definitely couldn't provide, and I guess we were all happy to finally get united that way.

In this respect I'd like to thank Talia once more for everything she did to make the meeting possible, be it fetching everyone from the airport or the train station, preparing food and go shopping for a dozen more people, driving us all to the events of the Landshuter Hochzeit and around in Bavaria, even showing unknowing Santharians what hop looks like! - Fantastic job, Talia, due to your wonderful commitment the Santhmoot will remain something to remain in our hearts forever! Big thanks to you in behalf of all Santharians, who were part of the Santhmoot team!

The Dream Stones

View picture in full size Image description. The Dream Stones of the Bardic Circle.

If you couldn't attend Santhmoot, but would like to see pictures on everything you've missed, don't worry, you can find several hundreds here on the site or on the Forum. So just have a look around or wait for further site updates until images are approved and are put up officially.

What's next? Will there be another Santhmoot in the future? I can't say, but as I saw at both Message Boards, now that people have looked at the first pictures, discussions have already started where and how to organize another get-together. Well, it might seem to be a very difficult task to try to repeat Santhmoot and organize it somewhere else if you take all the problems into account this involves. But nothing is impossible, you know. A dream is there to walk towards it - who says the horizon cannot be reached? - Probably people, who have never attempted it! Of course, on the other hand people tell stories of daring adventurers who sailed out to conquer the world and dropped down the rim into nothingness... But these stories can barely be of Santharian origin, because if you reach the "rim" of Caelereth you end up in the Dream of Avá, you know. Just a simple cosmological fact. - Or with other words: Keep on dreaming, fellow-Santharians, and see you for sure next Santhmoot!

Artimidor Federkiel
Webmaster of the Santharian Dream

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