Having just returned from Salzburg another arrival was to be celebrated: Gean Firefeet, our accordeon master, from the Netherlands, finally joined the rest of the group! Together with him Artimidor, Faugar, DalŠ and Aran set out to pay Munich another visit, while Talia took Artemis to another riding opportunity, and this time we had the camera with us at both events! Munich was rainy this day, but we had a nice day in the center of the town and in the Residenz of Munich, once home of Dukes, Electors and Kings, a castle with 130 pompuously decorated rooms and a huge treasury to gaze at. Enjoy the stroll through Munich with us!

Pic 1. Artimidor proudly presents a latest arrived team member: Accordeon master Gean from the Netherlands!

Pic 2. Mia doesn't bother to have the house overrun with guests - as long as sleeping all day isn't seriously endangered.

Pic 3. While waiting for Artemis to finish her horse grooming, Faugar shows that Artimidor is the X-man...

Pic 4. Phew... Artemis at work preparing her horse for a ride.

Pic 5. Our Housedragon seemingly blessing a cat;)

Pic 6. DalŠ offers her umbrella for some shady laziness.

Pic 7. And here she is: Artemis terrorizing the countryside on horseback!

Pic 8. Good horsy! After a while the horse also agrees to follow the given instructions.

Pic 9. Fatigue combined with photo shyness results in  a scenario like this...

Pic 10. A failed attempt from Faugar to hide from the camera and a successful one by DalŠ using a pillow.

Pic 11. Beware the wrath of the webmaster! Or: Beware the cameras trying to make photos, webmaster!

Pic 12. In the treasury of the Munich Residenz we encounter lots of gold and diamonds - and familiar smilies...

Pic 13. The renaissance statuette of the knight Saint Georg, showing the defeat of a dragon. A masterpiece made of gems, pearls and gold...

Pic 14. The astounding and well crafted insignia of kingly power, the crown and the ceremonial sword of Emperor Kaiser Karl VII.

Pic 15. A dragon making his way up the new Town Hall of Munich. Such little extras were quite common and were also meant to keep evil away.

Pic 16. A chalice in the treasury of the Munich Residenz showing ancient Greek motives.

Pic 17. DalŠ and Artimidor looking at an incredible miniature chess board with lots of strange creatures.

Pic 18. View on the various side-altars of St. Michael, a church located near Munich's main plaza, the Marienplatz.

Pic 19. The eerie remnants of the decapitated martyr Ursula as can be seen in St. Michael.

Pic 20. It's getting a bit rainy during our trip through the streets of Munich.

Pic 21. The Hofbršuhaus in Munich, home of Bavarian specialities and folk music.

Pic 22. The Glockenspiel chimes, re-enacting two stories from the 16th century to the masses' bemusement.

Pic 23. View on the storeys of the new Town Hall, which actually looks much older than the old Town Hall closeby...

Pic 24. In the continuing rain a pigeon is looking for cover under a little roof above a stone carving at a church.

Pic 25. Monument of Emperor Kaiser Ludwig of Bavaria in the famous Frauenkirche in the Old Town of Munich.

Pic 26. "Yes? Artimidor here, who's there? ... Nope, don't want to leave the Matrix yet, maybe call again a bit later!"

Pic 27. The ancestors gallery room, made during the time of Kaiser Karl Albrecht, full with masses of portraits.

Pic 28. "Self-portrait" of the otherwise camera shy DalŠ, not very suprising without a proper view on her face.

Pic 29. The "Grottenhof" (or "grotto's court"), truly a masterpiece of the mannerism era, built in the 1580s.

Pic 30. Quite obviously these ornaments have been inspired by Avennorian artists - or was it the other was round?

Pic 31. Gean and Aran set out to explore one of the various courts that can be found in the Residenz, featuring lots of statues and fountains.

Pic 32. View on the so-called "Antiquarium", a chamber of art, made by Duke Albrecht V. This renaissance hall is the largest north of the Alps.

Pic 33. In the recesses of the Antiquarium you can see hundreds of busts and statues of famous emperors, poets and philosophers.

Pic 34. One of the many, many rooms (all in all 130!) of the Residenz - pictures, chandeliers, ornamentations and gold everywhere...

Pic 35. Back in Landshut after a long day in Bavaria's capital we're waiting for Talia to get a lift back home and use the time for some joking.

Pic 36. An obviously very evil person shooting a picture of Artimidor, which probably will be remembered forever!

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Pictures taken by various Santharian members