Artemis, Fluffy, Talia and Artimidor had already visited Munich on a day-long trip, but unfortunately they failed to take their camera with them (pictures of another Munich trip will come later!). The next city therefore should be conquered with this evidence producing important tool in hand! This time armed with the proper equipment the group therefore moved out to set a foot on Austria, on Salzburg, to be precise, once home of the famous composer Austrian Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and now mainly a place to buy Mozartkugeln (which does NOT translate properly to "Mozart's balls"!) at every corner. A walk through the inner town including the well-known Getreidegasse, a visit to the fortress Feste Hohensalzburg and the Salzburg Cathedral were part of the invasion plan.

Pic 1. On our way by train to Salzburg we discussed various Santharian concepts dealing with the sun and the moon, Avá and Coór.

Pic 2. If nobody has got a plan, there needs to be at least someone with a map! In this case your webmaster plots the course.

Pic 3. Dalá and Artemis posing in front of the Mirabell palace. In the background you can get a glimpse of the castle's beautiful gardens.

Pic 4. Unicorn, webmaster, houesdragon photographed at the Mirabell Gardens.

Pic 5. Whoever these guys are - they're standing in this pose for hundreds of years now!

Pic 6. View on the Mirabell Gardens with a part of the castle in the background.

Pic 7. Abduction of maidens has always been a good motive for a statue...

Pic 8. One of many, many statues adorning the vast Mirabell Gardens.

Pic 9. Hey, an Avéquis Lighthorse! Well ok, could be a common pegasus as well!

Pic 10. Could someone please ring the bell and see if Mozart is at home?

Pic 11. Burgers and hot dogs are available everywhere, even in Salzburg!

Pic 12. A "human puppet" playing pieces of Mozart solely by touching water glasses!

Pic 13. Grumpy tourist waiting in his carriage for his wife to get out of the tourist shop!

Pic 14. Artemis has finally found her companions in the town center!

Pic 15. Eastern musicians with strange and partly monster-sized instruments.

Pic 16. Feste Hohensalzburg, the town's landmark as seen from below, with menacing skyline in the background...

Pic 17. Puppets featuring Lederhosen and little Mozarts are the delight of especially Singaporean tourists!

Pic 18. On our way up to the fortress via a mechanical pod webmasters and queens get the elevated positions.

Pic 19. View on Salzburg from the Feste Hohensalzburg. Close by in the foreground you can see the a dome-like building - the Salzburg Cathedral. The river in the background is the Salzach, and a bit further away, but still in the town center is castle Mirabell.

Pic 20. Salzburg has many churches to offer - here in the foreground for example you can see St. Michael's church.

Pic 21. View on parts of the Hohensalzburg fortress with the Mönchsberg ("Monks' Mountain") in the background.

Pic 22. Camera-shy master artist Faugar finally could be convinced to pose a bit.

Pic 23. Profile shot on Talia's guest student Jung-Min and her daughter Johanna.

Pic 24. "I am the queen of the world!" - or something like that...

Pic 25. Our main photographer being captured one more time on camera - woohooo!

Pic 26. Other people still try desperately to escape cameras at all costs!

Pic 27. View from the fortress of Hohensalzburg on the mountainous land of Austria.

Pic 28. Our smallest participants making a size comparison: Dalá, Jung'Min and a WW I bombshell.

Pic 29. A pompous, acribicly ornamented tiled stove in one of the backchambers of the fortress.

Pic 30. "Here is written in the Feänorian characters according to the mode of Beleriand..." - Er, wrong door!

Pic 31. "Hello? Anybody home?" - Dalá trying to look for answers for the question what's inside a cannon...

Pic 32. Exhibition of war tools used in the middle ages, attached with strings on show puppets.

Pic 33. A fool's mask, which people had to wear in public for several days if they had displeased the local regent.

Pic 34. A well-known fountain at the Residence Place near the Salzburg Cathedral.

Pic 35. Playful ornaments as can be seen everywhere in the Salzburg Cathedral.

Pic 36. The group deserves some rest and finally finds a place to relax a bit.

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Pictures taken by various Santharian members