The first days of Santhmoot were over and while Aran and Rayne had already left and Fluffy was also already preparing his departure, a bunch of new Santharians made it to Talia's home. Our next guests were Artemis (UK), horse-fanatic and mighty Queen of the continent of Aeruillin, master-artist Faugar (Poland) and Dalá'Valannía (Singapore), one of the first Santharian members ever and famous especially for her Katya Dragonseeker stories or her entertaining Letters of an Erpheronian Noblewoman. More members would arrive now daily and Talia's house turned bit by bit into a chaos area. But at the same time the fun increased of getting to know all the various faces behind the Forum posts.

Pic 1. Mia has no idea yet that the invasion of Santharian members in Talia's house has only just begun. Instead she enjoys sleeping in the rooms of the newly arrived.

Pic 2. With Faugar (to the left) our main photographer arrives! As he makes most pictures, he escapes other cameras at the first days, but he can't hide for long...

Pic 3. In the meantime Talia and Artimidor have organized a long-wished for present to Juju, Lucirina's remaining daugther. Talia presents the doll to Faugar's camera.

Pic 4. A few weeks later someone in Chile receives an unexpected parcel a day after her forth birthday...

Pic 5. The doll, a bag, a game and a bunch of soft toys make our little princess very happy. Mission accomplished!

Pic 6. And here is Artemis! Being very tired after her arrival our Queen slept for more than 12 hours!

Pic 7. Faugar has brought some drawings with him as a present for every member. Artimidor and Artemis choose their preferred motives.

Pic 8. Talia has promised to take Artemis to a nearby farmer, where she can ride some horses. Step one: getting to know the horses!

Pic 9. Two studs in the farmer's yard... (caption suggested by Judy) - Stud 1 eyes no 2 skeptically, a horse is nothing to joke with...

Pic 10. View on two of the horses in their stables, posing for the photographer.

Pic 11. They wouldn't mind going for a ride, but this will have to wait for another day.

Pic 12. Together with the farmer Artemis cleans and brushes the horse.

Pic 13. Artimidor has dragged in another prisoner from somewhere, though she appears to be a bit photo-shy.

Pic 14. *Points to the left* Yay, it's our Housedragon from Singapore, who has just arrived, and now checks pics with the rest of the crew.

Pic 15. As you can see photos are always fun to watch - it's a pity that various shots had to censored due to life-threatening hilariousness.

Pic 16. Dalá, Artimidor and the rest of the crew plotting next undertakings.

Pic 17. The lively newcomers, especially Dalá and Faugar, are funny companions.

Pic 18. Looks as if our housedragon is posing for a TV interview, eh?

Pic 19. Faugar takes another picture of Fluffy before he has to leave for home.

Pic 20. Dalá fighting the keyboard with these damned German settings!

Pic 21. The famous Artemis, Queen of Aeruillin and all horsy-person, mistress of the many arm-rings and the legendary spiked collar, meditates on a sitting ball and is just about to lift off...

Pic 22. Artimidor smirking while Artemis and Fluffy have a hearty laugh - probably Faugar's work...

Pic 23. While waiting for further arrivals Artimidor and Fluffy try to beat Helen-Elise at several games.

Pic 24. But whatever we play, Helen-Elise is better than the combined forces of a webmaster and a rat...

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Pictures taken by various Santharian members