The long Sunday still isn't over yet for the Santharians. Rayne already has to leave for America the next day, so the Knightly Games, Tilting and Jousting is already the last event she will attend with us: The wedding procession now moves on to the tournament ground, the scene where the bride first set foot in the town and was welcomed by here future husband. Seated at the raised banquet-table the bride and groom with their royal guests are paid homage by flag-bearers, mercenaries and tilters, all showing their many skills. In an exiting tournament young nobles joust for the prize awarded to the winner by the bride. When Duke Christopher the Strong jousts against a Polish prince, a feature of the wedding emerges from the past which, to this day, many chroniclers have considered worthwhile recounting...

Pic 1. The bridal pageant is over, now the participants and spectators move on to the tournament ground, where knightly games, tilting and jousting await.

Pic 2. In the background you can see the St. Martin church again, landmark of Landshut.

Pic 3. On the other side you have Burg Trausnitz guarding over the tournament area, providing just the right backdrop for the games which are going to start soon.

Pic 4. Everyone who's been in the bridal pageant has a role in the knightly games as well. The place fills with people...

Pic 5. Here's the bride again in her wagon, Georg, the groom, follows her on his horse, waving to the crowd.

Pic 6. The groom Georg, the Duke's son, the bride Hedwig, the Polish King's daughter, and Friedrich III., the Emperor.

Pic 7. Now that the important persons have taken their places, those who prepare the games line up to greet them.

Pic 8. Finally the accumulated Reisige (traveling soldiers) move in with their up to four meter long spears.

Pic 9. The Reisige get in formation for a special greeting to the Duke's family, the bride and the Emperor.

Pic 10. So let's begin: This dummy holds a shield as well as a chain with a rubber ball on it (back then it was iron).

Pic 11. The rider now tries to hit a specific area on the shield, which breaks easily. Hitting the shield means...

Pic 12. ... that the dummy strikes back with the ball and might hit the unsuccessful rider - as you can see here.

Pic 13. Between the various knightly games flag-throwers entertain the spectators.

Pic 14. The waved different flags turn the meadow into a sea of colours.

Pic 15. The gallows is being prepared for the next knightly game - the "Ringlstechen".

Pic 16. Goal of the exercise called "Ringlstechen" is to get the lance into the ring, which hangs from the gallows.

Pic 17. Aaaand ... hit! Here we have a successful rider, holding the lance with the ring as his trophy.

Pic 18. That not enough, here two riders gallop towards the ring and will both hit the target simultaneously.

Pic 19. To add a bit realism, the gypsies storm the field to wreak some havoc, but are chased away by the guards.

Pic 20. Now to the most spectacular part: Knaves and city guards bring in the lances and tournament gear.

Pic 21. Draft horses carry the wagon bearing the bars, which are installed for the jousting challenges.

Pic 22. The main attraction of the tournament, the knights, accompanied by their knaves, ride in and greet the crowd.

Pic 23. The first jousting duel is being prepared and the mightly lances are handed out to the participants.

Pic 24. The confrontation begins: You hear the sound of galloping hooves, then a lance breaks - a knight has scored.

Pic 25. Goal is not to shove the opponent from his horse, but only to hit his metal breastplate with as much force as possible, so that the own lance breaks.

Pic 26. Ouch... The opponent bites the dust. Obviously there are downsides on being a knight: The weight of the armour pulls one down at only the slightest error.

Pic 27. After several rounds the winner of the tournament is declared: Duke Christopher the Strong of Bavaria.

Pic 28. Snapshot of the spectators, from right to left: Rayne, her dad and Talia's oldest daughter Johanna.

Pic 29. The tournament has ended and all the participants gather to leave the area as organized as possible...

Pic 30. The bride and groom finally leave the tournament area, moving to the camp life where a great feast awaits.

Pic 31. A big feast is being prepared for the guests of the wedding, including enormous cakes in all varities.

Pic 32. Meanwhile we've found a nice spot as well to rest, talk a bit and taste something original Bavarian.

Pic 33. When looking at some faces one can tell that it has been a really loooooong and exhausting day.

Pic 34. Let the feast begin! The Emperor, Kaiser Friedrich III. of Habsburg, has taken his honorary position and dines with the bridal couple.

Pic 35. At the edge of the tournament ground various groups have set up camp, where they roast pigs, pass the tankard round and listen to music and jokes.

Pic 36. Time to say goodbye - Rayne has to leave already on Monday morning. But many more other Santharians are still to come...

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Pictures taken by various Santharian members