The Bridal Pageant lasts nearly two hours as the whole wedding procession turns around in the city, allowing us to watch it all again when it moves back into the direction of the place where the knightly tournament will be held shortly. A good opportunity to make some more photos of things we have missed the first time - and perhaps we can even get a decent shot of the Polish bride... More musicians, knights, horses, carriages await - and some gypsies as well, who decide to be part of the show as well! Finally, following the Bridal Pageant jugglers, men on stelts, pyramid-building gymnasts and many more entertainers will keep the crowd cheering until the next event starts.

Pic 1. More polish merchants riding in, indicating that the bridal couple cannot be that far away anymore...

Pic 2. And here comes the golden carriage of the bride dragged by four white horses, accompanied by pages.

Pic 3. Finally, there she is - a first glance at the bride Hedwig, daughter of the Polish king, enjoying to greet the masses.

Pic 4. This would have been be a very good shot of the bride - if she hadn't leaned to the other side all of a sudden.

Pic 5. Another try on catching a good picture of the bride -well, let's say we got the whole carriage there...

Pic 6. One more attempt to have a glimpse on the bride with our camera - et voilá, this time we eventually got a decent photo here.

Pic 7. In all the commotion concerning the bride, we nearly missed the groom Duke Georg here on his black horse!

Pic 8. The costumes worn by the participants are all made with acribic care for details and historical accuracy.

Pic 9. Another carriage harbouring stuff of the Reisige, to the left you see the sutlers walking with it.

Pic 10. The stream of arriving noblemen, town elders, counts and ambassadors still doesn't seem to end.

Pic 11. Get out of the way! Travelling folk with monster carriage coming - a medieval truck so to speak!

Pic 12. Note the guys sitting on the side of the wagon? When going downhill they jumped off to brake manually.

Pic 13. Maids and cooks from Poland ensure that nobody will starve - all inhabitants of the town are the Duke's guests!

Pic 14. There are not many quiet moments at a peageant like this - trumeters and drum beaters are all over the place.

Pic 15. The foreign cooks and maids need some tools as well - so they bring their own carts.

Pic 16. The pageant stops for another round of flag-throwing.

Pic 17. This knight has a striking resemblance to Tom Cruise, doesn't he?

Pic 18. Everything is accompanied by music, be it drums or trumets.

Pic 19. Some people are lucky to live in the right house at the right time and thus have the best view of the pageant.

Pic 20. These sideways riding women are polish nobility, accompanying the bride.

Pic 21. Closeup at the riders playing fanfares already near the end of the wedding procession.

Pic 22. More Reisige (the travelling people) with their pikes, conclude the pageant.

Pic 23. Note how crammed all the free places up there are...

Pic 24. Ok, now give this poor horse some rest - it has dragged its carriage already miles through town.

Pic 25. Now that all the important people have already passed, the gypsies become part of the show and bring what they have with them.

Pic 26. One of the gypsies doesn't feature any feet anymore, nor does he have manners - he enjoys showing his tongue to the public.

Pic 27. Now that the pageant has passed, entertainers like jugglers and men on stelts follow the wedding procession.

Pic 28. Entertainers in the process of building a human pyramid.

Pic 29. Now comes the most difficult part - one more to go up there!

Pic 30. And finally the human pyramid is complete! Woo-ho!

Pic 31. Several performers build a bridge with their hands to throw people in the air - hopefully catching them...

Pic 32. No, this is not a snapshot of a public suicide - it's a guy using the hands bridge to make some saltos.

Pic 33. This guy probably shouts "Halloooooooooooooo!" to cheer the crowd up a bit... Even the deaf can hear that, I tell you!

Pic 34. This harnessed guy walking in the hot afternoon sun seems a bit forlorn without his horse - looks like he lost it somewhere...

Pic 35. No watches not mobile phones allowed for the participants - but it seems that cameras were already invented quite a while ago...

Pic 36. Photo of Art, Fluffy and Rayne before they head off to the last event for today - the Knightly Games.

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Pictures taken by various Santharian members