Sunday quite a lot of things were planned and we were lucky that the weather was fine: First we visited Burg Trausnitz, then watched the re-enacted Bridal Pageant initiating the wedding between Hedwig, the Polish King's daughter, and Georg, the son of the Landshut Duke - and finally Knightly Games, Tilting and Jousting awaited. So let's look at the morning photos first and then continue on with the bride's magnificent arrival to the town first. At the Bridal Pageant more than 2.000 participants, dressed in the gorgeous raiment of the period brought the middle ages to life as you will see! The Emperor, the Elector, princes and counts, but also ambassadors, the town's elders, camp followers, mercenaries and beggar folk followed the bride. The Late Middle Ages reveal not only the elegance and pomp, but also the darker side of the period... - At any rate: Sit back and enjoy!

Pic 1. After a walk through the castle's large park we finally reach the main gate of Burg Trausnitz.

Pic 2. At Burg Trausnitz the Santharians enjoy the view on Landshut - just moments before the waitress reminds us not to stand about, but to order a drink...

Pic 3. Rayne looking down on Landshut having a prominent view on Landshut's main church, St. Martin. Below preparations are already under way for the Bridal Pageant starting in the afternoon.

Pic 4. Another shot of the town of Landshut taken from Burg Trausnitz by Talia.

Pic 5. Ok, the waitress got her will - let's get refreshments before we move into town.

Pic 6. Mission briefing for today - let's check when what will take place and where...

Pic 7. So here they come - the first participants of the Bridal Pageant are showing up!

Pic 8. All kinds of flowers, dresses and colours - get ready for a magnificent show!

Pic 9. Noblewomen with their noble children finally greet the waiting audience.

Pic 10. Here comes the city guard - the tough guys with the worn faces and the halberds for the rough work.

Pic 11. There's a mutual understanding between guys from different ages what a man needs to drink - beer!

Pic 12. At the beginning of the pageant children collect coins the spectators throw at the street for them to pick up.

Pic 13. A carriage from the city guards, where they bring their gear.

Pic 14. A fire worker posing for a photo - oh wait, wrong time... Must be a guy from the city guard then!

Pic 15. The various guilds are entering the scene: bakers, locksmiths, fishers, tailors, carpenters - nobody's missing.

Pic 16. Not only people from the aristocracy ride in carriages, here we have for example the Duke's personal cooks and maidservants.

Pic 17. Between the various groups and carriages the flag-wavers perform their artistic show, rewarded with applause from the spectators.

Pic 18. The margraves, princes and electors of Brandenburg, Saxony, Frankonia and Bavaria also come with carriages and gear.

Pic 19. Everything the town has to offer concerning young and gorgeous maidens comes right here, representing the ladies of the aristocracy.

Pic 20. The pageant in front of St. Martin's Church.

Pic 21. The emperor's standard bearer on horseback.

Pic 22. The emperor himself, Kaiser Friedrich III., with his son Maximilian and various counts, graves and palsgraves.

Pic 23. The clerical part of the pageant is initiated by the Dominican monks, who will participate in the marriage procedure.

Pic 24. Following the monks the bishops of the districts of Bamberg, Chiemsee, Augsburg, Eichstätt, Freising and Passau ride on horseback.

Pic 25. One of the bishops greets into the camera.

Pic 26. The trumeters from Salzburg announce another special guest from Austria.

Pic 27. The Archbishop of Salzburg enters the scene - he will conduct the wedding.

Pic 28. Huge drums are carried and then beaten, announcing the arrival of the groom's father, Duke Ludwig.

Pic 29. Voilá, here he is: Duke Ludwig in his constantly shaking palanquin, probably already showing signs of sea sickness...

Pic 30. The Duke is accompanied by his ducal falconers, harnessed men and several knights on horses.

Pic 31. One more falconer dressed in traditional gear rides along, showing a magnifcent bird to the public.

Pic 32. Harnessed men on foot accompany the knights riding on horses wearing colours of the province or the nation.

Pic 33. Ahhh... A knight in shiny armour! The visor by the way makes it a tiny bit difficult to drink as some desperate attempts showed.

Pic 34. Another established knight with a partly armoured horse and a fancy neck part.

Pic 35. Here comes the carriage of the Duchess into view, accompanied by personal pages.

Pic 36. The Duchess Amalie, mother of the groom quite obviously enjoying to be cheered at by the crowd.

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Pictures taken by various Santharian members