At the first Saturday afternoon we didn't only visit the Altstadt of Landshut, but also our first event at the St. Jodok church, where the vocal ensemble "ad libitum" held a spiritual concert with choral movements and hymns by composers from the time of the "Landshuter Hochzeit". In the evening we had a great Santharian Dinner prepared by Talia, featuring Stratanian Injeruillin, Smoked Chrondra Pork in Filo Pastry, Green Salad with Alianian Radish, Strata Salad, Brown Loibla, Red Eyelian Fruit Jelly with Lovano Sauce or Taenish Cream, Himiko's Delight, Kitruish and finally Shan-Thai Kafe. Drinks were available ranging from Mithral Spring Water over Santharian juices to the famous Bavarian... er... Dwarven Ale of course - plus Spring Joy wine. - And I can assure you: It tasted delicious! Mhmmmm...

Pic 1. View on a beautiful glass window in St. Jodok.

Pic 2. Costumed singers of the Laudate Dominum gathering for their great show.

Pic 3. Well, not everyone is into this clerical musical stuff, you know... The common folk sits outside in the local tavern and enjoys the pleasure of drinking a pint of beer or two.

Pic 4. A stone carving of 1733 outside of St. Jodok, mourning the death of a donator to the church.

Pic 5. During the sung or intrumentally performed  pieces a narrator informed us about the intentions of the composers during that time.

Pic 6. The central part of the concert consists of chorals by Pierre de la Rue, Josquin des Prez, who was back then the most important European composer, and Guillaume Dufay. Highlight was as well the isorhythmic motet "Nuper rosarum flores" of 1436.

Pic 7. Performance of the Irish "Lamento" with the flute.

Pic 8. The whole performing vocal ensemble "ad libitum" gathers to receive its final applause from the audience. They did a marvelous job in reviving the spirit of the medieval and the early renaissance church.

Pic 9. The sun sets beautifully over Bavaria, putting an end to a very busy day we had in Landshut. But it's not over yet - on it goes with the first Santharian dinner prepared by Talia to welcome her guests!

Pic 10. Santharian Dinner's ready! As you can see Helen-Elise even took care of writing name cards for everyone!

Pic 11. Group picture taken by Aran - Santharians with Rayne's dad awaiting dinner.

Pic 12. Talia and her husband had been working on digging out a pool - well, seems the heavy rainfalls did the rest...

Pic 13. During the Santharian dinner quite a storm broke loose outside and it was raining heavily.

Pic 14. And here we go - the Santhmoot dinner has just started! Art presides the table, positions which would be filled at the second Santharian dinner with Santharians are here kept by friends of the family.

Pic 15. According to Helen-Elise we had "Red Alien" (Eyelian) fruit jelly this evening for dessert. Was it only a pronounciation problem? *whistles X-Files melody*

Pic 16. Artimidor and Rayne are  plotting new development stuff, while Fluffy is just contemplating life, the universe and everything.

Pic 17. Now that was good! Who wants same more grape juice or Spring Joy wine to accompany the ensuing discussions?

Pic 18. The storm outside is slowly fading. It's getting darker and the candlelight takes over the illumination of the room.

Pic 19. The official Santhmoot menu placed next to a romantic candle. Specialty of today: Smoked Chrondra Pork in Filo Pastry with Strata salad and Brown Loibla. Also available: dwarven ale! - Cheers!

Pic 20. The Santharians try to figure out the next course: "Himiko's Delight" definitely sounds like a hint at the ice tribes - and as it is unlikely that a tribe makes a good dessert, maybe we'll go with some Láváno ice cream?

Pic 21. A drawing by Fluffy showing Rayne (with guitar), Talia (with Shendar sword), Arti (with book), Aran (at the piano) - and Fluffy, the rat.

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Pictures taken by various Santharian members