Among the first things we Santharians did together was to stroll into the Altstadt (old town) of Landshut on Saturday the 25th of June and watch the so-called "Medieval Get-together". At weekends during the Landshuter Hochzeit individual performers and groups enlived the main street with music and dancing. Amidst the Gothic houses of the town's burghers gay merry-making took place, as in former days. Here and there comedians performed slap-stick shows. They befriended visitors, gave a foretaste of forthcoming events, answered questions and made the tourist - and the Santharians - feel at home. Collected here are pictures of our first trip to Landshut, which we concluded by visiting the Laudate Dominum, a spiritual concert at the St. Jodok church.

Pic 1. A group of performers gathering in the Altstadt, preparing their next act.

Pic 2. Here we go - a bunch of flagthrowers hurl their flags high up into the air in the direction of their partners...

Pic 3. And once the flags come down, the flagthrowers catch them in midair! - Spectacular!

Pic 4. All flags successfully caught, the flagthrowers move further on their trail through the Altstadt.

Pic 5. A bunch of men in tights discussing their next plans...

Pic 6. Hey there! A throwing flag has dropped down from nowhere - any idea to whom it belongs?

Pic 7. The flags you can see on this picture, are used to swing around only, and are 2 square meters in size!

Pic 8. Aside from flags representing families, the main flags were of Bavarian or Polish origin, flags of the archbishop of Salzburg, Tyrol or Brandenburg.

Pic 9. Carrying the flags of your country or your family was a very prestigeous work and flag wavers were very proud to fulfill their tasks.

Pic 10. How would guys look from the back side if they'd be wearing wearing tights? - Here's your answer!

Pic 11. Model no. 42 - guy with pointy hat and boots, typical long hair and a flag with the family colours.

Pic 12. All buildings of the whole Altstadt part of the city feature flags and banners of the Landshuter Hochzeit.

Pic 13. View on the decorated Altstadt of Landshut.

Pic 14. Different times, different means of transport: modern bicycle meets medieval wheelbarrow.

Pic 15. Ah, where's the camera? Say "cheeeeese"... - Also note the guy to the left, whom we should see later at the "Music around 1475".

Pic 16. Talia's youngest daughter Helen-Elise posing with a wreath of flowers on her head.

Pic 17. Medieval comedians preparing for a play they want to perform in front of an audience from another century... The drum announces that they'll start soon.

Pic 18. "Yesterday I've caught a fish, which was soooooo big, you know!" - Though the exaggerations are met with sceptical looks, they are quite entertaining to listen to.

Pic 19. Beauties of all ages stroll through the town, wearing colourful robes and cheering at by-standers.

Pic 20. Enter the Reisige (English: "Travelling People"), part of the Kaiser's infantry.

Pic 21. The Reisige's pikes are more than 4 meters in height, allowing these people to gather to formations which are nearly impossible to break through.

Pic 22. The Reisige are also very good singers and are actually 115 members of 8 different choirs. They can sing more than 40 songs, talking about the hard life of the medieval soldiers.

Pic 23. A middle aged man from the middle ages on a mission involving pike and tights...

Pic 24. View of the tower of Landshut's main church, St. Martin.

Pic 25. People gathering at the entrance to St. Martin.

Pic 26. View on the Landshut Castle, Burg Trausnitz, located on a hill close to the city - you have a nice view from there of the town.

Pic 27. Even other parts of the town aside from the Altstadt pedestrian area are nicely decorated in the colours of the Landshuter Hochzeit.

Pic 28. Another view on the Burg Trausnitz, the Landshut Castle, this time with the houses of the decorated Altstadt included on the picture.

Pic 29. No passing here, guys! Guards at a side entrance of the St. Jodok church won't let anyone in.

Pic 30. A beautifully painted wall of a house in the center of the Landshut Altstadt, vis--vis of the St. Martin church, where we would await the bride's magnificent entry into the town.

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Pictures taken by various Santharian members