The final days of Santhmoot 2005 were still filled with action - be it with photo shootings in Talia's garden, watching another medieval music performance at the Landshuter Hochzeit (it was quite rainy that day, though) or eating and drinking Bavarian specialities, and a last group of us watched the jousting tournament. Finally on Saturday we had another big dinner we all enjoyed greatly. This time we were a bunch more Santharians than the first time, so we also held a Bardic Circle the last night, singing songs and telling tales, to finally seperate on Sunday. But we didn't leave without making further plans for more Santharian meetings to come...

Pic 1. Here a spontaneous picture taken as the group is gathering for posing.

Pic 2. Gean attempts to look at things from another perspective...

Pic 3. Alysse and Judy singing a Santharian ode to keep people entertained.

Pic 4. Finally a group photo with really all Santharians currently present on it!

Pic 5. Here our photographer seems to have caught a proposal scene, isn't it?

Pic 6. For some reason Gean's hair definitely needs to be decorated with flowers!

Pic 7. Faugar being attacked by two cameras at the same time - no escape this time!

Pic 8. Bard Judith and Gean Firefeet lying in the meadow, picking flowers.

Pic 9. And another group picture - missing are only the photo shy people...

Pic 10. Queen Artemis plus Housedragon in the process of throwing flowers.

Pic 11. The true face of our ferocious Housedragon is revealed... she's a penguin!

Pic 12. Aran takes a few minutes in between to read some pages of a book.

Pic 13. One of the last events we were attenting: The Landshuter Hofkapelle perfoming medieval music.

Pic 14. More wedding music - though the weather wasn't ideal, the amount of rain that fell wasn't really a problem.

Pic 15. Looks like Bavarian beer, but really isn't. At any rate Talia seems not to get enough of it!

Pic 16. Artemis practising martial arts against... hmmm... seems she means a church tower?

Pic 17. A strange voice is suddenly ringing in my ears. It says: "Eat your broccoli!"

Pic 18. Artemis trying German specialties including bretzel and cheese.

Pic 19. Little Dalá with big mug and Bavarian food.

Pic 20. Impressions from the second great Santharian dinner at the last Saturday.

Pic 21. Alysse showing a hearty smile after having finished dinner.

Pic 22. The Masterbard posing at romantic candlelight.

Pic 23. Gean and Judy starting off the Bardic Circle.

Pic 24. 2 Canadians + 1 German = great music!

Pic 25. Talia presents a large memorial plate to Artimidor with the names of all Santhmoot participants on it.

Pic 26. Talia tries to teach us some German folk songs - fortunately we have some musically talented people!

Pic 27. Accordion master Gean Firefeet demonstrates his proficiency with this instrument - big applause!

Pic 28. These Dream Stones are little wodden stones, made by Bard Judith for the occasion of the Bardic Circle.

Pic 29. Guess it's finally time to say good-bye to everyone - see you next Santhmoot!

Pic 30. So that's it for 2005s Santhmoot! But this surely won't stay the only Santharian meeting. To be continued... 

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Pictures taken by various Santharian members