Santhmoot is already slowly nearing its end, but in the last days three more newcomers join the team: Thuja, arriving from Switzerland, and Bard Judith and her sister Alysse from Canada! During another walk through the town of Landshut we got some presents for our great host, Talia, then decided to try our hands on a joined pizza producing operation, followed by vivid discussions on Santharian topics. Inspired by the success of our cooking abilities, we brewed another meal in the cauldron over a fireplace on the next day and had lots of fun together in the process. Whenever there was time our musicians Aran, Gean, Judy and Alysse made sure to entertain us accustically while Judy's self-made "Game of Four Houses" card game (based on pictures made by our artists) was tested extensively for playability. - What more can I say? I wish we would have had just a few more days together in this constellation!

Pic 1. Another visitor! A Santharian delegation fetches Thuja, Lord of the Details, from the railway station.

Pic 2. A picture made by Dalá this time showing the joined male forces present at Santhmoot's last days.

Pic 3. Another picture shot during our Landshut stroll, this time with Housedragon Dalá in the middle.

Pic 4. A typical Bavarian pub sign promising lots of beer.

Pic 5. The inside of one of the churches in Landshut.

Pic 6. Silhouette of Aran playing "Für Elise".

Pic 7. Artimidor presenting flowers and a chocolate box with Santharian signatures to our wonderful host Talia.

Pic 8. Another group photo of our terrific team with Talia just having received her Bavarian coloured flowers.

Pic 9. And now for something different: Let's make a pizza! Here we see Thuja working professionally on the dough.

Pic 10. Roommates Artemis and Dalá joln the general pizza making frenzy!

Pic 11. Even a webmaster cannot escape kitchen duties and helps spreading the oil.

Pic 12. And the next one on my plate will be the ever present photographer!

Pic 13. After the pizza vivid discussions about life, the universe and Santharia ensue during ice cream dessert.

Pic 14. In the late evening hours we decide upon the fate of Santhros the Wise, the first Santharian emporer.

Pic 15. Talia and Artimidor fetch our dynamic Canadian duo, Bard Judith and sister Alysse, from the airport.

Pic 16. Scenes from the first breakfast with Bard Judith and Alysse in Landshut.

Pic 17. Our guests enjoy the Bavarian loibla, which also got their own Santharian entry.

Pic 18. At the great gathering in the living room we plan how to use the rest of the day.

Pic 19. Judy and Alysse have brought presents - here you see the Game of Four Houses card game Judy made out of images we have on the site.

Pic 20. A view on most of the cards of the Game of Four Houses with pictures done by Faugar, Quellion, Judy, Eratin, Talia, Viresse and Eshóh.

Pic 21. Penguin fanatic Helen-Elise receives a decent load of her favourite animal in all kinds of shapes, and a bunch of neat extras as well!

Pic 22. Idyllic photo of Dalá peeking out of the window - but maybe she has just smelled something cooking...

Pic 23. Dalá and Artimidor following suspiciously the first attempts of our technically versed guys to make fire.

Pic 24. Making fire awakens certain cavemen instincts in Thuja as he tries to show us with this pose...

Pic 25. First Santharian caveman and fire-making hero Thuja posing for the camera.

Pic 26. Alysse and Artemis assist with gathering stones and preparing the wood.

Pic 27. "Witch" Dalá mumbling strange incantations while working on the cauldron...

Pic 28. Artimidor getting philosophical: To be or not to be an apricot, that is here the question...

Pic 29. View on the SCMA team (Santharia's Cave Men Alliance), on their mission to cook food for the females.

Pic 30. Faugar (here in gnomish pose) helps with preparing the cauldron, adding top secret ingredients.

Pic 31. Queen Artemis deems waiting for the court staff to deliver the royal meal is probably the best choice here.

Pic 32. Talia brings some more vegetables and seems to have a special message for the photographer as well.

Pic 33. Artemis and Dalá making fun of our chefs, not sure if we will get our bellies full before midnight...

Pic 34. Finally the efforts of more than ten people working on preparing a decent meal have produced visible results - hand out the plates and let the feast begin!

Pic 35. Indeed the mixture of noodles, vegetables, secret ingredients and whatever else found its way unexpectedly  into the cauldron, doesn't taste all that bad!

Pic 36. And in case the results of Santharians trying their hands on cooking isn't satisfactory for some, Dalá has prepared an alternative meal - stuffed penguin!

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Pictures taken by various Santharian members