Now that we had already seven Santharians in one place at the same time (but still more to arrive!), it was time for a grand Bavarian tour... With Talia as guide a long day lay in front of us with lots of things to discover! Like for example the falconers' show at the Falkenhof of Castle Rosenburg, the stalactite cave at the Schulerloch, the Freedom Hall near Kelheim. Then we travelled via ship on the Danube to the monastery Weltenburg harbouring a famous brewery with typical Bavarian beer and finally visited the remnants of the Roman castle Abusina in the Altmühltal, built in the year 80 before Christ. We had a lot of fun together I can assure you, even though our feet were pretty tired at the end of the day!

Pic 1. Talia shows us the gigantic fields with the hop plants, the main ingredient of Bavaria's famous beer.

Pic 2. We arrive at Castle Rosenburg, harbouring an exhibition on birds and beasts - and a falconers' show.

Pic 3. Group photo shot by our host Talia. From left to right: Gean, Dalá, Artemis, then Artimidor, Faugar and Aran.

Pic 4. And now for some pictures from the show: Here a golden eagle prepares for a landing on a falconer's arm.

Pic 5. The falconers let a bunch of birds loose, which majestically roam the skies above the nearby Riedenburg.

Pic 6. Another vulture flying in, passing centimeters above the heads of the audience, resulting in exited shouts...

Pic 7. The so-called bald eagle has his home as well in Castle Rosenburg, being well known bird in American heralrdy.

Pic 8. Next station: The Freedom Hall near Kelheim, finished in 1863 by Ludwig I after the Napoleonean wars.

Pic 9. Artemis waiting for the slow guys to catch up, resting at a column in front of the Freedom Hall.

Pic 10. Snapshot of an early icecream break after the bird show, wher we've been plotting our next moves.

Pic 11. View on the outside of the Freedom Hall. Each female statue represents a German tribe involved in the war.

Pic 12. The inside is richly decorated with marble, featuring slabs with the names of the fought battles.

Pic 13. The "victory angels" represent the 34 German states which still existed after the wars against Napolean.

Pic 14. Gean caught on film when climbing up the stairs of the structure in order to have a nice view on Bavaria.

Pic 15. Little Dalá clinging to one of the wings of an angel in supersized format at ground level of the Hall.

Pic 16. Talia waiting for the rest of the team to return from their journey to the top of the Freedom Hall.

Pic 17. On it goes, this time by ship, through the beautiful Danube Valley between Kelheim and Weltenburg.

Pic 18. Santharian tourists greeting regular tourists on a passing ship travelling in the other direction.

Pic 19. Artemis' model pose number 1: grumpiness.

Pic 20. Artemis' model pose number 2: craziness.

Pic 21. Artemis' model pose number 3: amusement.

Pic 22. 40 meter high rock walls on both sides of the river provide an impressive backdrop for our voyage.

Pic 23. Having arrived at Weltenburg we try our hands at throwing stones to let them jump on the water's surface.

Pic 24. Aaah... Now for some rest on the banks of the Danube before we move on to try some well deserved beer.

Pic 25. Gean in contemplating pose in front of the Danube Valley scenery.

Pic 26. Another group photo on the Danube banks taken by Talia this time.

Pic 27. View on the ornaments in the church of Weltenburg abbey, built in 1716.

Pic 28. Finally we're reaching the Weltenburg brewery where we order some local dark ale to get a taste of Bavarian culture. Santharians aren't exemplary alcohol drinkers though we have to admit.

Pic 29. Queen Artemis posing for another model shot.

Pic 30. One of the fragments of the Roman Abusina ruins.

Pic 31. Dalá and Artemis using the remnants of the former Roman castle - a bit out of convention - as catwalk...

Pic 32. Attempt of a group photo, the camera taking the picture automatically - we're still working on Dalá's smile!

Pic 33. Amid all this ancient stuff Aeruillin queen Artemis finally has found something to play with!

Pic 34. Also we paid a visit to the Schulerloch, a stalactite cave, which was used by humans ca. 60.000 years ago!

Pic 35. One of the most fascinating stone formations in this millenia old cave, the so-called "wedding cake".

Pic 36. Artimidor pointing at a picture of a wren - a hint that a famous Santharian member was missing at Santhmoot.

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Pictures taken by various Santharian members