During the first days of Santhmoot only a few members gathered at Talia's house near Landshut and some had to leave already pretty early again. Thursday until Sunday of the first weekend (23rd until 26th of June) we first had to pick everyone up and then we could plan our first adventures. While Silfer missed his flight from Oslo altogether, causing some more grey hairs at everyone organizing the meeting, Fluffy and Aran arrived safely at Talia coming from Germany. They were soon joined by the Santharian Webmaster Artimidor hailing from Austria. Our famous American poetry writer, former RPG Admin and expert for pretty much everything, Rayne, arrived with her dad on Friday evening as well, so that we had 5 Santharians so far, who had joined the party: Talia, Fluffy, Aran, Artimidor and Rayne. First real life acquaintances were made, met wine was drunk, songs were sung, development stuff discussed and at the weekend our little illustruous group invaded Landshut to check out the medieval events going on there...

Pic 1. Artimidor posing for a role in Matrix with Fluffy consulting.

Pic 2. View from  Talia's... err... Thea's house - geez, it's hot here!

Pic 3. View on the idyllic landscape behind Talia's... err... Thea's house.

Pic 4. Aran & bright smile.

Pic 5. Artimidor takes a picture of Aran and Fluffy, the first Santhmoot guests.

Pic 6. Finally! Rayne and her dad have just arrived in time for dinner.

Pic 7. Rayne trying desperately to tune the guitar, which hasn't been played in the last millenium.

Pic 8. Rayne concentrating on how to get this damn thing to work properly.

Pic 9. The Santharian crowd waiting for the tuned guitar.

Pic 10. The next day: Look! There really ARE guys in tights out there in Landshut!

Pic 11. The old town of Landshut slowly fills with men and women, boys and girls dressed up for the great events to come.

Pic 12. View on the old town of Landshut with flagwavers in training. Here the bridal  pageant would pass through on the following Sunday.

Pic 13. Flagwavers show off the flags of different nationalities and German provinces participating in the marriage between Georg, the son of the Landshut Duke, and Hedwig, the Polish king's daughter.

Pic 14. The streets are full with people and all kinds of colours... The medieval folk mingles with the passer-bys, greeting loud and friendly with "Hall-oooooo!"

Pic 15. Back home Talia's cat Mia wonders what's going on here with all these strange people.

Pic 16. Hmmm... What have we got here? It's an Arti and the newly arrived Rayne checking the Santharian Message Board for the latest news.

Pic 17. Artimidor smirking, sensing the photographer a few palmspans away, looking for a victim...

Pic 18. Here a famous closeup of Aran - note the incredible cuteness factor!

Pic 19. Another picture of four of the intruders so far, picture taken from Talia, who was quite camera shy at the beginning.

Pic 20. A typical case of caught in the act - a photographer being photographed. Victim: Fluffy.

Pic 21. Now here's a complete view on the house we stayed in - Talia's residence at the small village of Viecht near Landshut.

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Pictures taken by various Santharian members