On the first of the Changing Winds 1667 a.S., four Compendiumists gather from around the Low Lands to have a minimoot in the Netherlands, a Dutchmoot! From Belgium arrive Marvin Cerambit and Irid al'Menie, while Miraran Tehuriden arrives from the north to rendezvous in the Dutch town of Breda, where Gean Firefeet hosts the day. The Santharians visited local historical sites, like the Castle of Breda and the Cathedral of the city. At the less 'formal' part of the visit, the Santharians enjoyed the local 'Bourgondian' hospitality, as the Dutch refer to the warm hearth of the Brabant (province of the Netherlands where Breda is part of). As the weather was very nice an hour or so on a terrace was enjoyed, after which a visit to an Italian restaurant ensued, and finally a stay at a bar followed.

Pic 1. The party gathers to discover the historical centre of Breda, Netherlands.

Pic 2. The first to arrive at Dutchmoot 1667 is our Herbarium expert Miraran.

Pic 3. The next one to show up is Marvin, one of the few Santharian magic experts...

Pic 4. With Marvin comes Irid al'Menie from Belgium. She will be responsible for most of the pictures taken on that Dutchmoot day.

Pic 5. Your friendly guide for the day... Gean Firefeet, an experienced Santhmooter, who has participated at both prior meetings already!

Pic 6. Though not as famous as Landshut, there's enough to see in Breda, like statues of stewards... the castle by the way is in the background.

Pic 7. Dutchmoot host and party leader Gean Firefeet with the "Follow me and let's explore Breda!" look.

Pic 8. Sam aka Marvin and Roel aka Miraran on their mission of discovery in Breda, photographed by Irid.

Pic 9. Here you see the tomb of one of the lords of Nassau, the forefathers of the Dutch royal house.

Pic 10. The grand cathedral of Breda, here as a model inside the church.

Pic 11. A huge organ in the curch. The top features the heraldic shield of the city.

Pic 12. Ornamentations and signs inside the church - fascinating historical objects.

Pic 13. The floor is decorated with grave tiles, closely inspected by the macabrely interested.

Pic 14. One of the attendants is kind enough to make a group pictures of all our four Santharians together.

Pic 15. Enough culture for today! It's time for relaxation and talk about life and Santharia in the sun.

Pic 16. There is no Gean... At least not for mean people with cameras who try to make a good photo all few seconds!

Pic 17. Miraran's happy expression at the approaching waitress can be summarized with two words: Hmm, beer!

Pic 18. Another nice group photo, many thanks, miss waitress! But... who are those people in the background...?

Pic 19. Intermezzo in the park! But the boys don't want to play and make sand castles with the other kids.

Pic 20. In the evening we take a bite and after that visit a bar for a final round. Marvin watches out for pretty girls..

Pic 21. The end of Dutchmoot is neigh! The group once again together at the platform before their goodbyes.

Pictures taken by various Santharian members