In the past 10 years Santharia has grown. We have expanded, moved, improved, re-designed, revised and tried to walk on entirely unknown new paths, ready to bring in new innovations - some things worked out successfully, some didn't go as planned  or still need adjustment. The amount of pages we offer by now has gone far into the thousands and every update the Dream becomes more detailed, more complex, better illustrated - and yet it doesn't look like we're going to run out of ideas anytime soon. There were tragedies and setbacks as well along that long road, but it are those as well that brought us as far as we are now. Take a look back with me and see what has happened since the last anniversary 5 years ago that made Santharian history...

    2003 - Back to the Roots
December 2003 Smith gets exiled in Nybelmar
Or something like that... Anyway, Smith in Exile, already helping out Koldar before December at the continent Nybelmar, becomes official site member and should from now on be one of the key players in that region. Five years later he still hasn't managed to get a decent Forum portrait, though! Maybe in the next five years?
Vie's Inn of Wonders

A well deserved recognition
Site Awards in general shouldn't be taken too seriously. There are many webmasters out there who want to promote their own sites by dishing out awards to other sites just to get linked and get the talk about their pages going. Vie's Inn of Wonders was none of those sites. Sites are thoroughly checked, measured by lots of criteria, and getting such special awards like a Content Site of the Year is indeed a pretty difficult feat to achieve.

Santharia already accomplished that recognition at the end of 2003 with half of the content we have now. Rest assured that if we'd apply for more such awards we'd get a lot more such nods - yet winning awards is not our priority and should never be. However, it doesn't hurt either if every now and then someone confirms that the hard work we're doing is perfect. - Well, perfect is a relative term, but we're working on it, and that's what counts. By the way: You can read an interview Vie's Inn of Wonders led with the webmaster here.

    2004 - The Year of Seyella
February 2004
Katryne Joyeuse

Mascot Katryna Joyeuse sees the Light of Day
Born actually already on January 27th, the daughter of Masterbard Judith of Bardavos, also known as Bard Judith, is immediately adopted as Santharian mascot. The plan is to win her for the project "Santharia - Next Generation" within the next 20 years or so. Until then our Bard will see that Katryna will fulfill her duties as Santharian mascot by basically looking cute. So far she's done well - and  Katryna (actual name Katherine Joy) seems to be well underway with learning to get accustomed to fantasy as just recently she dressed up as cyber-tiger for Halloween. Well, Santharia doesn't have any of those yet, but Captain Kirk also wouldn't ever have imagine that the holodeck is something perfectly normal for his successor, eh?

March 2004
Pictures for Magical Empire

Pictures from Mystical Empires
Our artists Quellion and Faugar and later Arbaon as well all did commissioned works at that time for an upcoming fantasy card game that was called Magical Empire. Santharia managed to receive permission to utilize dozens of these pictures made for the card game, which brought us lots of resources and helped the artists to earn some money. Magical Empire was later on renamed to Mystical Empire due to legal issues. The website featuring the card game changed its name several times and the state of the game is currently unclear. Yet, what remained are the pictures by our artists which helped tremendously in getting our entries illustrated at a very professional level.

No less than 10 pictures would be uploaded in a single update in April thanks to the cooperation with Magical/Mystical Empire!

Development Milestones: Ranks & Titles, Blueprints, Colours of Santharia
Important entries like Santharian Ranks and Titles or a Flash movie displaying Santharian Colours and Hues get up on site, the Santharian Thieves Underground and the Aurora Plains get fleshed out a bit and Talia's Baveras Shrine sketches mark the addition of our first professional blueprints in the Compendium.
May 2004 Khiera & Chronusian become members
Khiera (in 2008 unfortunately very busy with real life) becomes Admin at the role playing boards and Chronusian (Charles Lloyd from Virgina, USA) finally an offical member. He develops a good deal in the Santharian province of Enthronia.
Eshoh's Pictures

Eshoh's first Santharian Drawings
Artist Eshoh draws the Heart of Daoinis and the Cyhalloian Slinker, her two first great pictures for the Santharian Dream - a bunch more would follow, and even promissing lucrative requests later of National Geographics to use one of her hobbit drawings. Unfortunately they eventually picked another one, but once again it showed people's interest in our members' works. Eshoh would join the Dream officially in August.

Alysse the Likely

Alysse the Likely joins the Dream
With Alysse (Liese van Lingen, Canada) another major developer comes on board in 2004, who should focus soon mainly on the Sarvonian North, on famous people and various Bestiary entries, among them primarily horses. Alysse - with a somewhat altered voice - would also introduce us a while later to orcish music and at the same time manage to amuse her kids with this new approach. - By the way: Long term member Bard Judith only revealed a certain bit of information when Alysse actually joined the Dream: that Alysse is actually her sister! As creativity runs obviously wild in this particular family and we've learned that there are a bunch of further siblings, we're prepared for more suprises!

July 2004
The Erpheronian Men

Further Development Highlights: Epistolary Stories and Tribe Illustrations
Dalá writes the first highly entertaining Letters of an Erpheronian Nobelwoman, Smith begins first chapter of his Shadowcaster's Letters story. Isilhir digs deep into Ulvur myths. Dozens of pictures are added in single updates, among them tribe illustrations by Quellion and Faugar, who were made according to detailed commissioned by Artimidor, in order to get the distinct features of the various tribes eventually up on the site in graphical form. The backgrounds of these tribe pictures also help tremendously to illustrate Places entries.

August 2004
Cecilia Flaten

Oil Paintings for Santharia: Ingeborg
Ingeborg (Cecilia Flaten), an accomplished oil painter from Chile, is happy to give permission to use her works in the Santharian Dream. Her focus on the Norse mythology also fits some Santharian myths that need illustrations rather well. Later on Cecilia would also send three of her paintings to Artimidor as a sign of appreciation for the idea and realization of the Dream, which now decorate his new flat.

September 2004 Hail the Erpheronians!
An absolute key entry - the Erpheronians, the most important tribe of Southern Sarvonia - finally makes it on the site, thoroughly revised by a whole plethora of members: Artimidor, Rayne, Talia, with pictures by Koldar and Faugar. In the meantime further tribe representative pictures and coat of arms are constantly added by our artists.
October 2004

Tragedy hits Santharia: Lucirina's death
On October the 13th 2004 our long-term member, poet, storywriter and avid role player Lucirina Telor Vevan (Ana Maria Salinas Norbakk from Chile) was stabbed in her own appartment. She died of her injuries. An unexpected event that left us speechless and shocked, especially as she only married two months earlier. She died through the hands of her husband, who would be found guilty on all charges by the trial's jury years later. Our condolences and prayers at these days went to Lucirina's remaining family. We bow to Lucirina, who shared the same dream with us and will remain unforgettable in our hearts.

Reacting to Lucirina's death we changed the dedication at the Santharian Teaser Movie to remember her and added her into the Santharian Hall of Fame movie. Memory pages were added to the site and a fund would be opened soon to accept donations that at some point will be transferred to the daughter Lucirina left behind, Juju.

November 2004 Site search made easy
The fact that Santharia grows and grows makes it necessary to think about alternatives in every possible respect. In November 2004 we finally replace our old free search engine with something much more efficient and professional.

The Measurements Converter
An extremely important tool for development and role playing, the Santharian Measurements Converter makes it on the site thanks to Mortus Pryde's JavaScript wizardry.


    2005 - The Year of Santhmoot
February 2005
The Santharian Calendar

The Santharian Calender
Many things concerning Santharian time measurement have been unclear until February 2005. Then we've finally put down the Cournanian and the Santahrian Calender, along a graphical clock, the Mowickle. All that was mentioned in this rework should become canon and help developers and role players tremendously to tell the time.

April 2005

Key Developments & Innovations: Silvermarshes, Eyelians, Santhariarized  IRC Client
A lot of work goes into the development of the Silvermarshes area in northern Santharia, which should later on also receive a very detailed map and even a musical theme. In Nybelmar the Enclave of Venlaken gets on the site and the trading town of Sáh. Furthermore the Eyelians are worked on in great detail and the Santharian IRC channel gets a brand-new Santharian design, which should be in use until this day.

May 2005
The Manthrian Map

The Manthrian Map
Having worked on it for months, finally Artimidor finishes the extremely detailed Manthrian map. It should play an absolute key role in further developments of this region, as until then many things were still up in the air as it was unclear where certain locations could be found and what that meant in general in terms of historical development, economic relations, and so on. The Manthrian map would serve as the ignition to flesh out the region in a way never seen before. Some of the greatest and most detailed entries would be made in the next years to give Manthria its face.

June 2005 Santharian Polls
A Santharian poll feature is added to the Web History page, allowing visitors to select from a bunch of options and thus making it possible to deduce some trends on interesting questions every few weeks. The feature is popular as the amount of pollers shows at this point, yet the fact that there would be script problems making the site more vulnerable to attacks and the circumstance that there wouldn't be enough support for the webmaster to provide regular questions, would make it a necessity to close the polls after a few of months.
July 2005

Santhmoot 1665
The day has finally come! On June 23rd/24th 2005 Earthen time (23rd/24th Rising Sun 1665 after Santhros in Santharian time) the first official gathering of Santharian team members has begun. Taking place in Landshut (Germany) and hosted by our dear Compendium Writer and RPG Co-Admin Talia Sturmwind, Santhmoot 1665 lasts a full two and a half weeks. Aside from getting to know each other and discussing Santharian stuff, the attending members also watch the "Landshuter Hochzeit", a historical pageant that is among the greatest in Europe. More than 2000 participants in medieval costume bring a festival to life in all the splendour of the Late Middle Ages - the wedding between Hedwig, the Polish King’s daughter, and Georg, the son of the Landshut Duke.

All kinds of Santharian "celebrities" from all over the world partake at this unique Santharian get-together with medieval touch. In order of appearance we welcome the following members in Landshut: Talia Sturmwind, Arancaytar Ilyaran and Fluffy Ramblers (all Germany), Rayne Avalotus (California, USA), Artimidor Federkiel (Austria), Artemis (UK), Faugar (Poland), Gean Firefeet (Netherlands), Dalá'Valannía (Singapore), Bard Judith and her sister Alysse the Likely (both Canada) and finally Thuja (at home in Switzerland). Lots of discussions are led, photos shot - an even that will stay forever in our memories! Everything that happened at Santhmoot would be documented thorougly in the coming weeks and months...

September 2005
Tribe illustrations

Lots of Tribe Illustrations
The tribe illustration project is now in full swing - Faugar, Quellion and Eratin, though sometimes with monthly delays, deliver marvelous pictures that illustrate Santharianm key tribes as beautiful as never before: The Injerín elves, the Shendar, the Kuglim, the Susilgerim - be it men, elves or dwarves, in the second half of 2005 we can proudly look at a whole array of very distinct tribes, which in the process of receiving their pictures one after the other are also more and more fleshed out.

October 2005

Vesk Lyricahl joins the Team
Vesk Lyricahl (Emory Hooks from South Carolina, US) joins the team after having finished his masterwork on the trolls. Note that Vesk is the first one who receives Santharian membership following the new rules layed out during Santhmoot a few months earlier. Instead of receiving official membership only based on the quantity of entries, the quality is what counts now, and members vote at some point whether they deem a member ready or not. The apprentice period is then concluded with a final masterwork and eventually followed by a traditional membership inauguration party. Team members will get access to the members only Moot Forum.

November 2005
Arabaon illustrations

Arbaon provides Illustrations
Another artist participating in the drawing of cards of Magical/Mystical Empire agrees to have his works also used in the non-profit project of Santharia. Arbaon would also allow to use parts of these pictures used in altered form in the Flash game Santhworld a while later, which will turn out to be a tremendous help.

December 2005
Site transfer

On the move...
Serious problems with our site host (site slowness, e-mail problems, lacking support) force us to leave the old server immediately and get the Dream back on track somewhere else. The transition works rather smoothly given the fact that more than 1 GB of data has to be transferred manually, that scripts and databases need to be adjusted or re-installed etc. On December 4th we can already upload another site update on our new server.


Grunok, the Orcish Beauty Queen joins the Dream
The highly eventful year of 2005 is concluded with Grunok (Jospehine Ogle, New Zealand) becoming official Santharian team member, making it a Santharian Kiwi premiere. Grunok should focus nearly exclusively on the Manthrian region working on various Places entries and eventually the Serphelorian tribe and thus become an absolute key member for many Santharian aspects.


    2006 - The Year of the Forum Change
February 2006 Story Time!
The year starts of with a couple of tales to be told at the fireplace like the "Forest of Death" (Irid), "The Dragon and the Greyler" (Artimidor), the "Lady of the Lilies" (Gean), "Meen and the Dragon" (Pikel), "The Stormbringer" (Vesk), the "Magic Robe of Leena Tékaan" or the beautiful "Heart's Desire" (Talia) or "The Dancing Wooden Shoes" (Elen).
March 2006

Marvin Cerambit joins the Team
Early 2006 Marvin Cerambit (Sam Goethals, Belgium) makes it to the membership ranks, focusing on developing spells of the Fire School. He delivered his masterwork on K'han'uck'tscha (Orcish Beliefs), and while he was still spotted during Dutchmoot a while later, he has gone missing in action ever since.

Gean composes again

...and delights us with pieces like "The Vale of Brownies" or "The Siege of Bardavos" inspired by a ballad of Judy. Several more piece should follow in the coming months.

May 2006
The new Styrásh font

Styrásh Font Update, Judy gearing up
Koldar is back after a time busy with studying and delivers a fantastic update on the Styrásh font he work on already quite a while ago. Also Bard Judith more and more develops into a marvelous digital artist, helping out to illustrate several entries with pictures, which in the course of time become extremely detailed and professional looking.


Another Team Addition: Pikel
Pikel Thunderstone, aka Derek Coulter, American with Irish roots, becomes official member in May 2006. He enjoys digging into mythology of his own ancestoral roots and works primarily on druids and things related to them. His masterwork represents the Places entry on the Almatrar Forest.

June 2006

Library Rework
In June 2006 we start to redesign the whole Library section, introducing a much better structured book/author system with proper overview pages and download links and eventually a much better organised menu structure as well. For a start only the "Frethoni Book of Fables" is created, but in the coming months various books are being created and stories are transferred one after the other into the new system. Another important step towards more consistent and better navigatable site design.

July 2006
Despite the storm

The Forum Switch
After regular problems with the message board host ezBoard which even resulted in a partly loss of data at some point, we finally take things in our own hands and put the long discussed plan into action to host both Santharian message boards (Dev and RPG) on our own Santharian server. Of course ezBoard doesn't make it easy to convert the data of their Forum into a completely new system, so it turns out to be a pretty complicated process. Nevertheless the problems are overcome and we now have all Santharian information on the same server with much better message boards than ezBoard could ever over.

August 2006 Santhmoot 1666
A year after the first Santharian get-together parts of the European division meets again in Landshut (Germany), this time primarily to make some actual development progress with defining Santharian history. Participants are: Talia, Gean, Thuja, Faugar and Artimidor, and as special guest Koldar - Curgan unfortunately had to cancel last minute. While some important results are being made, too little will get on the site within the next two years of time.
September 2006

Getting into Nomenclature
One of the things that became apparent during the second Santhmoot was the fact that we needed nomenclature rules for the various tribes in order to name famous persons. A powerful tool coded by Artimidor to create Santharian names according to syllable definitions is therefore further expanded and results already in September  2006 in an update on the Erpheronian entry featuring Erpheronian nomenclature. Other tribes should follow, yet the extreme importance of getting this work done for all tribes of Southern Sarvonia in order to be able to efficiently progress with the history of Santharia hasn't reached entirely satisfying results yet.

Novemer 2006
History Tables

Taking History seriously
Old chaotic concepts of managing history tables in multiple entries, contradicting each other without a master source are, starting November 2006, indeed history. Artimidor finishes coding the backbone of history updates for the site and begins transferring history data into the new system. This results in a consistent layout of all transferred tables, a structured menu and simplifies allocating events to multiple tribes or places, so that updating the site with new history information gets as simple as it possibly can be.

We're moving! Again!
Even though we've only moved to a brand new server a year ago and managed to transfer two message boards to it, the conditions at this host become unbearable. Which, according to various experts is clearly the fault of the host, not our traffic and the transfer space we need. We therefore decide to cut ties immediately and move to a small, but much more understanding and supporting hosting company. The complete site including the two message boards and the guestbook are transferred by our new hosters over night and we get back to busniess in no time. So far, with a few minor glitches here and there, we can be very satisfied with our new host.
December 2006

Welcome to Miraran!
Another important member reaches membership status in 2006 after having spent already more than half a year contributing. Miraran (Roel van Veen from the Netherlands), a gardener in real life, ends up soon as Moderator of the Santharian Herbarium board. Aside from spending time in the greenhouse analyzing plants, Mira also likes to work on beasts and the Drifting Woods region in Nybelmar, which he also made his masterwork.


    2007 - The Year of Santhworld
January 2007

New Artist: Sheil
Early in 2007 Sheil (Edyta Felcyn, Poland), a devoted dinosaur fan, allows Santharia to use her pictures for the Dream. In the coming months we'd have enough interesting lizards, snakes and birds to integrate of which we are extremely thankful!

February 2007

More pictures: Drucilla
We shouldn't forget about Drucilla Sablewolffe when talking about Santharian artists, who has disappeared for a while now in 2008 after some serious computer problems, but has made some fine pictures that she was willing to adjust until Santharian perfection. Among them the Fuzzle, Raeis Boldsnout, the Rainbow Snake and the Wison.

May 2007 Regents of ancient Santharia
Thanks to mainly contributions of Trelstahl various pre-Santharia leaders of Erpheronian or Caltharian descent are fleshed out, among them King Myrowdin, Artero the Weak, Duke Mertogran, Erdolomin the Righteous and some more. These contributions are essential in defining a proper Erpheronian/Caltharian timeline. Legendary King Thar and spouse Curogana also have entries by now, plus wonderful illustrations.

Medicine in Caelereth
Doc Kelancey introduces proper medicine in Santharia and starts working on a main entry on Medicine, but also on Fever Reducers and Purifiers, Antivenins and Antidotes. Entries on Body Parts and Muscles and the Bodily Constituents would follow.
August 2007

Decipher Ziron

Bestiary Moderator Decipher
Decipher Ziron (Daniel  Yon from London, UK) is another one of our England devision. He works mainly in Nybelmar and makes the Town of Mylthis his masterwork. Due to his liking of beasts he also soon takes over Bestiary modship, which he has managed to this day in commendable fashion.

September 2007 Bestiary Assistant Drasil Razorfang
Drasil Razorfang (James Lofredo, US) is the next one to officially join the ranks of members. His area of expertise are spells of the element of Earth, but he also develops weapons, and curiously decides to help Decipher out as Bestiary Mod.

The Gnomes Strike Back!
Also not forgotten should be the works of Gaffin, who revives gnomish alchemy and finishes the important entry on the Book of the Elemene Tabulata as well as on Bildge Powder and its inventor.
October 2007 Commercial Offer for Santharia Rejected
In October 2007 a member of a major game company contacts Artimidor, suggesting to discuss the possibilities of a cooperation with the prospect of a version of Santharian lands turning into a MMORPG with commercial intent. While the company ensures that the game would be somewhat seperate from the regular Santharian development and the influence on Santharian business as usual would be minimal or non-existent, the offer is turned down from our side before getting into further details. Reason: For one Santharia was designed as a non-commercial project right from the start, and secondly, satisfying all members concerning a possible parallel commercial use of Santharian material proved impossible already right from the start of discussion.
December 2007

Irid alMenie

Irid alMenie Receives Membership
Irid (Judith Coppens from Belgium) joined the Santharian RPG Boards already in 2001, but discovered development much later. Since then she has contributed mostly short stories and finally got into telling a longer tale with her innovative "Murder in Bardavos" detective story.


Santhworld Goes Online
What has been several months in the making, now gets officially on the site: Santhworld, the interactive Santharian experience allows you to walk through rooms in good old text-adventure style, to examine things and study books, investigate secrets and to lead extensive discussions with people you encounter. The latter may actually give you a quest or two to persue as well.

Santhworld is programmed to support dynamic additions to the existing material, which means that players can actually concept their own rooms, add dialogues with characters or even design whole modules to help enrich the experience for everyone else.


    2008 - Anniversary Year
January 2008 Santharian Trivias Finally Realized
Planned already for a while, now with Santhworld a reality: The Trivia module offers a lot of quizzes you can take an test your knowledge - with picture and music support!

The Sage Award

Santharian Awards 2007
The first time in Santharian history we're holding our own Santharian Awards procedure in order to honour the most active developers of the past year. While the preceedings are not entirely thought through yet and various problems arise, the most important awards go to: Artimidor (Sage of the Year), Mira, Bard Judith, Trelstahl and Altario (Commitment Badge), Santhworld (Best Innovation), Trelstahl (Best Newcomer), best Commentor (Bard Judith) - to name just a few!

March 2008 The Bard Sings!
Well, those who attended Santhmoot know that Bard Judith is a great singer, yet  despite all her creativity we hadn't heard her voice on the site so far. Starting with her marvelous song "Sailing to Zandiria" Judy initiates a series of songs (with wide ranging topics) that should delight us for several months, competing in brilliance with our legendary songbird Wren.
May 2008


Grinch Becomes Santhworld Co-Developer
Artimidor's colleague, also a programmer, joins him in the endeavour to make the Santhworld Flash application even better and already plans to turn it into a full-fledged role playing game. Concepts are made that would soon be realized in code form, laying the groundwork for something even Artimidor never envisioned to be possible to happen in such a short time: Santhworld becomes a role playing platform!

June 2008 A Voice for the North: Azhira
In June 2008 Azhira (Cori Kalinski from Dayton, Ohio) becomes Santharian member after several great contributions for the Sarvonian North. She decides to settle up there and makes the development of the Kaer'dár'shín half-orcs her priority. A lot of interconnected entries should follow, and Azhira becomes undisputed project leader of the Kaer'dár'shín region in the Sarvonian Northwest.
July 2008


Record Updates
While 2008 doesn't offer a special theme like the focus on tribe development as was the case in the past years (all Santharian artists are busy with real life), Bard Judith returns to many pictures she has started and need a final touch and produces striking results. No less than eight entries are updated by Bard Judith with illustrations or are written by her in a single update! Add to that the enormous output that our team produced in July, and you'll appreciate the work the Santharian have done latetly. - From the Zirghurim Dwarves over Kalta'Goot until the Citystate of Marmarra, Santharians aren't sleeping!

August 2008 A Petition for Justice
The tragic death of one of our members hasn't been forgotten. Brutally murdered by her husband with 34 stabs, the subsequent trial eventually ended in June 2008. J.P. Mailhot is declared guilty of non-premidated murder and automatically received life imprisonment. However, a few days later he is released on bail as a result of a shocking appeal decision and can now walk the streets of Montreal again as a free man.

Organisations like the AFPAD/MMPFA (Murdered or Missing Persons' Families' Association) and the Chilean Community of Montreal urge the Canadian Minsters of Public Security and Justice to take immediate action and reverse the decision of the appeal court, made by Judge Yves-Marie Morissette. The Santharians send a petition to the minsters as well supporting the cause.
September 2008

Rookie & Garret

Rookie & Garret Santharian Members
The first double inauguration in Santharia brings membership to Garret Arroway (Jordan Fuselier, Texas, US) and Rookie Brownbark (Ella Corbin, UK)! While Garret focuses on dogs and has made the Kyranian men her masterwork, Rookie, as her second Santharian name already says, has developed into our number one expert on Brownies. Rookie and Garret are both very active contributers and don't shun to go into all possible detail in their entries.

November 2008

10th Santharian Anniversary
On November 1st 2008 the Santharian Dream turns 10 and this timeline is made at this very day, evoking nostalgic sentiments. Introduced at Anniversary Day 2008 were also Santhworld 2.0, the long-awaited role playing addtion of our interactive game, as well funny and informative pages like on Development Blunder and Santharian Easter Eggs. Bard Judith even contributed a Cluedo board game version, and a Santharian site quiz checks your knowledge on Santharian matters...

 Date of last edit 14th Dead Tree 1668 a.S.

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