Santharia is not only a website for fantasy world developers creating beasts, plants and places, but also has always published fantasy-related poems, stories and even songs of our talented writers, which were created in the Santharian context. Some of our writers therefore have chosen the 10th Santharian anniversary as an occasion to write some special verses in praise of the Dream. Lean back and enjoy!


The Dream Stones

View picture in full size Image description. The joint Dream Stones of the Bardic Circle. During the first Santharian Meeting, Santhmoot 1665 Bard Judith handed a piece of the Dreamstone cube to everyone attending, each one having its own theme. Gean received the "Memories" Dreamstone, which inspired him to the following poem.

Softly did the moonbeam make its way across the wall
So softly did it touch my feet, my body, face and all
The while it swept across me, whispered memories to my ear
So when it touched my eyes I woke up feeling you all near.

I’d dreamt about it, I was now sure, for nights and nights on end,
The merry chatter, songs and laughs, a gathering of friends
Yet only now I realized: those nightly dreams were real
And by the light of moonbeams I was starting just to feel

My way across the little room when I perceived the glow;
A glow so soft that I blinked twice, before I whispered low:
“Nine stones were made, each one unique. They made a perfect square.
And in the bardic circle late, we all got one right there.”

I had now reached the glow and put the Dream Stone in my hand
And asked the moon so softly “Pray, how fares each distant friend?”



Decipher tried his hands (and mind) on some Santharia inspired haikus for the anniversary - here we go with the results:

An idea conceived,
Nurtured thoughts growing swiftly,
Fantasy realized.

Our Caelereth,
Impossible dream,
Fantasy realized.

Lost jottings of thought,
Incongruent wanderings,
Fantasy realized.

Emotions channelled,
Illusions wrought, built, defined,
Fantasy realized.

Expressive escape,
Joining mind's muse incarnate,
Fantasy realized.



As the name says this is a song meant for birthdays. Or anniversaries for that matter. Sing to the tune of 'Ai Ai Yippy'!

Have you looked in the mirror today?
Are the hairs on your head turning grey?
When you stand-up are you stooping?
Are your dangly bits all drooping?
Do you wish that this song would go away?

Do children try to help you cross the road?
Can you remember what you've just been told?
Is your favourite hobby sleeping?
Can you hear your body creaking?
Then you're very, very, very, very old.

Singing Ai Ai Yippy Yippy Ay.
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.
If you think Birthday's are a curse,
Well, the alternative is worse,
So Happy Birthday, Santharia, today.

Is there room for all the candles on your cake?
Are you scared if you fall you might break?
Does your wheelchair need re-tyring?
Do your wrinkles all need ironing?
Have you always got a pain or an ache?

When you sleep do folks worry that you're dead?
Are your ears now more hairy than your head?
Are your clothes now back in fashion?
Can you recall your days of passion?
And can you believe the price, these days, of a loaf of bread?



And here's one more from Gean, brought to him in an sleepless, yet inspirational night where he Santhariarized the all time favourite "What shall we do with the drunken sailor?" as follows. If you're a developer you should know most, if not all, answers... At any rate: Have fun!

Who are the Dream Team members (3x)
Hidden in these verses.

Got me all confused with his forum picture (3x)
Showing us a lady.

His pen is poisonous, but his texts (3x)
Are deadlier by length, ho!

Where is our dragon-dreaming girlie (3x)
Lost in a vast libr'ry.

Another MIA, I miss you poems (3x)
And your magic entries.

She's a fresh member and likes Tharoc's Valkree (3x)
Cause it's a nice doggie.

Put him at his desk and make him write, oh (2x)
Put him at his desk and make him write all
Nybelmar's vast knowledge

Put him in a room without a PC (2x)
Put him in a room without a comp and
This project starts crashing.

Singing 'bout a singer is a tricky job
And singing 'bout a poet may be o'er the top
But singing 'bout a bard is worse than hunting hobs
Cause there's too much to mention.

I don't understand a word he speak, no (2x)
I don't understand a word he speaks, but
Do not think he's stupid.

Put him in the jungle where he came from (2x)
Put him in the jungle where he's from and
Save our novice members.

Yours is a sad story but we send you shipments (3x)
Filled with goodie presents.

I am sure she's Yoda reincarnate (3x)
With that funny accent.

Throw a little meat before she bites you (2x)
Throw a little meat before she bites or
Be nice to her owner.

Like the previous verse, but now they're quacking (2x)
Like the previous verse, but now they quack and
Hunt for devv-ers. QUACK! Argh!!

He hails from a world not unlike ours (3x)
And writes pretty music.

She can read the sands and stars and darkwinds (2x)
She can read the sands and stars and helped with
All the newbie members.

She is in the greenhouse where she titters (2x)
She is in the greenhouse where she thinks of
Pretty flying thingies.

She hails from the north and can do some magic (3x)
Fear her Shaman powers.

Three devvers like small people (3x)
Devving halflings, Brownies.

Handy with the brush and a very nice guy (3x)
Makes us forum portraits.

Coats of arms are his and a city map too (2x)
Coats of arms are his and a city map though
He has changed his name now.

The first one of the three is a crunchy prancer
The second writes of murder and is too a dancer
The third likes alchemy and is halfling advancer
Who are these three dreamers?

Only known by pictures, but she is a cutie (3x)
Fear the cyber-tiger!

Those are the Dream Team members (3x)
Hidden in these verses.


And finally we conclude this year's anniversary poems page
with a little amusing extra:


The Ximaxian cats are well known to be very intelligent and seem to be able to communicate with mages in a way unrivalled by any other beast. Espinela of Uderza, a well known Ximaxian mage, tells us about such an interaction with her cat. It is to note, that the rhyme form of this poem (abbaaccddc), widely used by the Shendar, was named Espinela after she made it popular with this lovely little work throughout Santharia.

My canty cat had said to me
(while sitting on my wooden desk
where I was writing a burlesque)
"If only you could clearly see
the many colours of my flea,
for then you'd know without a doubt -
its splendid look will knock you out."
I stared at her with growing awe,
she smiled, then offered her left paw -
the flea, I fear it was a scout!

 Date of last edit 13th Dead Tree 1668 a.S.

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