Hiding and then (hopefully) finding
Easter eggs is not only a Christian tradition, but also a common sport practiced by many Santharian developers. "Easter Eggs" in this case however means to integrate ideas in entries, pictures, perhaps even in musical pieces or in interactive content on the site that also refers to something else. This could be the case just for the fun of it, or because the reference points to a much deeper meaning, providing even more insight regarding the topic at hand. Whatever it is, there are true gems hidden in Santharia's Compendium treasury - you only need to find and enjoy them... So here's your guide regarding that matter!

Yes, master...

Master Garretth er... Retthgar of course

The supposed Ciosan thief Knupp the Sneaker has a very suspicious educator with a very suspicious name, Master Retthgar... The entry seems to suggest that it isn't actually proven that the poor Knupp actually was primarily responsible for the crimes that he committed. Instead it might have been all the doing of his educator who took advantage of him and who mysteriously disappeared with all the treasures once Knupp was caught... Was he perhaps a traveller from another fantasy universe who settled in Ciosa? A "thief" who had just changed his name slightly? (Other Santharian characters with the second name "Arroway" however surely are not directly related to that malicious person!)

Lizardly innkeeper

The Burrick

Speaking about "Thief"... er... guess I've told you too much about the last one, didn't I? Anyway, that game had a cave-dwelling lizard as well that had distant similarities with our Quaerash ("Duskdigger"). To integrate that reference in the entrance somehow, you can read the following passage in the entry:

"The menacingly looking and rock hard heads also were used in various wars as head parts for battering rams. These heads also make quite an impression when put on the wall as a trophy - like the one you can see at an inn in Voldar, that now bears the name 'The Rampant Duskdigger'. Go, check it out - Burrick, the innkeeper, surely can tell you quite a tale!"

Seems the burrick from "Thief" was reincarnated in the form of an innkeeper...

A familiar Lorehold mage

In the Lorehold module of Santhworld you encounter a mage called Geoffrey Baijonan, which is quite an unusual name for a Santharian. But just think about the similarities he has with a certain movie star... And if that doesn't help enough, you might try to look up parts of the last name in the Styrásh dictionary...

Beasty incarnations
It seems that Decipher made a new sport out of using Santharian team members as templates for his Bestiary creations. Just look at names like the "Lisdra Snake", the "Arim Cat", which are actually anagrams of other team members, and in the entries characteristics are rumoured to be  included as well! So far no "Trimratoid" has materialized, which would probably be a crossing between a trimmed rat and an octoid or something...


Santharian provinces and their capitals!
You can take that literally! The capital letters of the Santharian provinces also represent the beginning of the name of the capital: Manthria (Marcogg), Truban (Thalambath), Sanguia (Santhala), Enthronia (Elsreth), etc. However, some more recent development got that scheme a bit off the track, but it's nevertheless fun to know the origins...


Charming shadows

Fans of the TV series "Charmed" might recognize a striking resemblance between the Tome of Time and the Book of Shadows.

Damn fine peaks!

Cherry Pie

The Santharian mountain range called the "Twinnean Peaks" is of course a big rather obvious reference to "damn fine coffee" and cherry pie. Maybe you find a waterfall there as well and the Great Northern Inn? If so, we'd better hunt for the black lodge and rescue someone who's trapped in there since the early Nineties!

The caretaker takes care of everything...

Boris Karloff

The lisping caretaker character described in the ghost story "The Eye of Skanris Keep" is meant to be no other than the horror icon Boris Karloff of course, known especially for his portrayal of the monster in the classic "Frankenstein" (back then not so much grandfatherly in appearance)... The lisping is one of his trademarks that the story also mentions prominently to express that connection, and if you follow the story you'll get more enlightenment on that connection.

Level Ecstasy
Once upon a time the post count at Forum posts was directly responsible for a Forum title. The more you posted, the higher your rose in the ranking. While some 30 posts just made you a lously goblin milkmaid a few thousands made you a Chosen, practically a God among posters in the Forum. Of course it came as it had to come: People discovered a way how to post without saying much, simply to climb up Forum levels. Endless discussions were led in a Forum post that was called "Level Ecstasy"... Nomen est omen.

Now Mira created the Veell Elixir, also called "Elixir of Insantiy", and notes that the name of "Veell" is (almost) exactly what this potion makes you in Miraran's native tongue. The name of "Veell Ecstacy" could also remind certain people of a much-visited topic! Oh, and the response of the alchemists you can read in the entry concerning the contents of this potion will sound awfully familiar to readers of Terry Pratchett's Diskworld.

And by the way: The inventor of this potion, Shèo Twoland, is whispered to be nobody less than Sheogorath, Lord of Madness, ruler of the lands of Mania and Dementia (known in the world of Tamriel, which you can encounter e.g. in the expansion "Shiverung Isles" of the game "Oblivion")!


This flaky white blotch over there...

The Bone Queen

If Quellion draws a character picture, then he is dead serious about details. The picture size stretches over several screen pages, so that putting up a smaller version of the picture doesn't show all the splendor of the original details. As happened with the Shadow Elves picture, where we see a female elf leaning at the ruins of the once fallen city of Fá'áv'cál'âr.

Rumours abounded that there actually was more to that "flaky white blotch" up at the tower in the background. And indeed! As well informed people could tell us (in this case the artist itself basically) the Bone Queen Avásh'aelía in person is up there bringing terror over the lands!

Famous hobbit sighting!
Remember these swampdwelling fellows in the Silvermarshes, those that are half orcs, half halflings? Hmmm... Bonus question: Are half halflings actually quarter halflings? Anyway, these mullogs seem to have received their name from a very distant Tolkienish ancestor... Sometimes it helps to read from right to left by the way.


Jaecor the movie star...

Jaecor Armerson

The famous rebel without a cause and Erpheronian hero Jaecor Armerson won the Armerenda tournament trice, only to die a tragic death very early on in his life. If you take a careful look you might notice striking similarities to a certain movie star and major Hollywood idol of the fifties, not only as far as the age he died at is concerned. Their biographies are so similar that it is much more than just coincidental we can assure you. And that famous person we're referring to also just starred in three movies, yet he became a giant of sorts. With the difference perhaps that Jaecor moved west to find his luck, while the movie star actually found his demise more East of Eden.

Judith's masculine side
A myrmex-investigating sage that also seems to be writing stuff on dwarves like the famous authoritative reference tome "Of the Stone Folk", the famous Alkemus shows us a new side of Masterbard Judith of Bardavos as a look at her real life name reveals...




The story of the Elvenfall, where it is told that a human captive sacrificed himself by leading the persuing dark elves into a gap is inspired actually by an Austrian legend. In 1532 the Turks had invaded what is now Austrian territory and plundered the landscapes. It is told that some Turkish men were riding on the mountainous region of Seebenstein where the local farmers were working together efficiently to attack the pillagers.

Picture this: Heavy rainfull, rolling thunder. Some Turkish men became seperated from the rest of the troups and were lusting for revenge when they saw a beautiful brightly shining woman in the distance. They charged to fulfill their revenge on her, but she fled and led them to an extremely steep, deadly abyss where she suddenly disappeared, while the riders all fell to their deaths. All but one who is said to have survived to tell the tale of... you guess it... the holy Virigin Mary who must have shown up to help the defense against the foes of the Christian faith. Well, those were the days!

How the Ihanobe'todo Game got its name
Fluffy seemed to be pretty bored when he worked on that game entry, as he actually had nothing better to do, know what I mean?


Lost in Santhworld...

Jacob's Cabin

Hopefully not... But anyway, if you follow the Fizzlefist story you will encounter the apprentice of the wizard, Jeremy. Listen carefully how he describes the location where he says that you might find a light source. Fans of the TV show of LOST might notice some very interesting similarities at that location to a scene in the series. The room in question might actually be inhabited - or is it?

Seek out that location! If you think that you might know who could be around try examining that person. Maybe even talk to that someone.  And be prepared for a cameo appearance of no other than LOST executive producer Carlton Cuse in the short but sweet role of his life that even brought him into Santhworld...

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