Every now and then it happens that one needs to rub one's eyes when reading an entry on the Forum as something seems amiss. Well, that's not unusual as mistakes can happen while developing, and actually that's the job of the other team members to provide comments in order to correct all those things. Yet, sometimes such lapses and unintentional blunder make commenting on them absolutely hilarious. Here's a "Best of" selection of lapses and goofs that Santharian developers have come across in the past years. Enjoy!

Are streakers pigs? - Or is it the other way round?

Mannix writes in his hogling pig entry: "It is thought that a rather adventurous hobbit brought one of these stripped pigs back to his shire..." - Bard Judith brings up an interesting question: So, I wonder, if a stripped pig won a race, would it then be known as a Streaker?

Fear the Wombats!

Attacking wombat!

Grunok describes the Serphelorian army, which consists mainly of women: "They are trained constantly throughout their careers in jakatya, unarmed and armed wombat, fighting mounted and on foot, in rough terrain and in towns. They [Note Artimidor: wombats?] are trained to be able to fight using found items, and in how to survive in extreme conditions with very few resources." Interesting, interesting! It can be speculated based on that valuable information that maybe "wombat" is the new term for women who do combat... Or Earthen wombats are actually armed in Santharia and there's just no entry for them yet!

Encounters of the third kind

Rookie has an appearance of the third kind in the Almatrar Forest: "A wide truck seems to rise completely vertically from the forest floor, towering up to a height of around 30 peds!" A truck in Santharia with a height of 30 peds! *whistles X-files melody* So: Have UFOs really landed in Santharia? Do they just stay in the Almatrar or are they going to conquer the world? Or was this truck just teleported from the human parallel universe of Earth via an interdimensional gate or something? Questions, questions...

Long live the Beatles!

The Beatles

A literal "gem" was found in Zacheius' Bavereye beetle entry, which by the way actually deals with a gem-producing beetle: "Some scholars have stated that the beatles do not sleep at all..." - Aha! Now this would explain that John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr are seen by many as immortals!

The Wish-Stealer

The Quish is admittedly a pretty weird bird, and it makes strange noises once it flies by, thus the name. Ganinon however seemed to formulate it a wee bit differently:"Once the Quish will hear you or see you it fly away with a wish." Now that would be something for the Special Abilities section! Maybe it's a pet of Jeannie?

Minor, mid and utterly evil terms

Xerampelinae Deicida explains how to write an entry to Jairo Koshi: "You can devide things into subspecies or even infraspecies [that's also interesting by the way], you just have to describe them in mid evil terms!" Ha! Regular evil terms, please, no extreme language, eh? But evil, yes! Eeeeeevil! *har har har har*

One roasted goose, please!

Our Brownie Rookie describes the Arrowhead Goose as follows: "The biggest, most powerful goose is usually the leader and the others will follow it to feeding and roasting grounds, as well as during the migration." Isn't that something? These geese have own roasting grounds to make it easier for everybody to get that transition from goose to food over with... - Indeed animals that enjoy being eaten is something already Douglas Adams pondered upon in his "Restaurant at the End of the Universe" where the cow politely discusses with the guest which parts of it would taste best...

Beware the Furniture!

In the Alvang entry Garret Galloway had originally written: "From the ocean there seems to be a small mountain chair on the eastern side." - Comment Artimidor: Hmmm: Now I've seen such a giantic chair thing at a furniture store nearby, really. That furniture stores are expanding to Santharia however and carve such advertisment stuff even out of mountainsides however is something that lends a new perspective to the affair.

Sweet Transvestite

Sweet Transvestites
Miraran explains in his Ter'ei'Vikh entry: "Unlike most other tribes in the area both males as females of this tribe are quite slender in build." - Comment Artimidor: All I have to say here is: Sweet transvestites from Trans-Nybelmarnia, eh?

Love and Marriage...

From Nsiki's Master Varyn Quickblade entry: "The art of 'True Orc Fighting', a marital art centered on defeating your opponent with flair and brutality..." As Judy legitimately notes: Guess this isn't taught in marriage counselling classes, eh? - Tharoc on the other hand thinks it could actually have been worse, just imagine that he'd written "marital aid"...

Liquid wolf reproduction

Garret Arroway is obviously looking for a way to make the reproduction process of wolves entirely innovative. "The Horned Wolves reach sexual maturity between one and a half to two years of age. Mating takes place between Turning Star and Changing Winds and each produces one liter like most wolves."

Winter in Zhun

In Arceon's Serekye entry, a village in Nybelmar, Grunok stumbles upon the following: "...make them ideal for heating the house in the rare Zhunite winters." So: Does that mean that they don't have winter once a year? Quite a strange region, indeed!

The Blunder Bar

In the 10th Anniversary update when the Blunder page was introduced as well, Artimidor also made sure that we get another additon for said Blunder page by writing: "Gean Firefeet... is of course one of our local bars providing great medieval music for Santharia..." Bard Judith notes: Awesome! I wonder what the Gean serves for drinks? I'll have to make a point of visiting....

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