If you have a printer (preferably colour), some cardstock, scissors, and paste, plus at least three friends who enjoy solving a mystery... then get ready for some entertainment, courtesy of the Dream... Santh-Clue is the very first Santharian board game you can just grab from the site and put together yourself. If you have kids they definitely will enjoy helping you and get that murder mystery solved! We cannot let that vilain run around freely among the other Santharian developers!


I'm sure everyone on the planet knows how to play Clue (TM) or Cluedo (equally TM'ed), so I needn't give the rules here. But in brief, that wonderful old guy who writes entries for the Santharian Compendium once in a while  - what was his name? Related to the Federkiels, I think, by marriage? - anyhow, he's been found dead! Murdered, so the gossip goes, but the Compendiumists aren't saying. In fact, they aren't releasing any details - but gossip also says that there are a few suspects for the crime - all well-known Santharians, I'm afraid, and we can make some guesses about the method. We do know he was found in one of the main rooms in the Compendium building, so that narrows it down to about nine places. Well, why don't you have a look and try to figure it out for yourselves?

All elements of the game are included, so just print and play. I suggest using medium-weight parchment-coloured cardstock, but you can always print on beige paper and glue everything down to a backing later. Templates and card backs are provided for those who really like to customize their game. Dice are courtesy of www.ravensblight.com, which see, as it's a great Gothic papercrafting site.

Note: Just click on the graphics to open them in the largest possible resolution, which you then should download and print out! - Have fun!


The Cardboard


The Places Cards

The People Cards


The Weapon Cards

The Puzzle Sheets


The Cardboard


 Date of last edit 15th Dead Tree 1668 a.S.

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