Santharia is not only a website for fantasy world developers creating beasts, plants and places, but also has always published fantasy-related poems, stories and even songs of our talented writers, which were created in the Santharian context. Some of our writers therefore have chosen the 5th Santharian anniversary as an occasion to write some special verses in praise of the Dream. Lean back and enjoy!


Come human child and human man,
follow the song, take my hand.
Come maiden, mother and wise old crone,
the path is long, no one shall go alone.
Come lithe elf and Brownie small.
Come mining dwarf, come join us all.
Come halfling short and halfling stout
none stay behind, none stay about.

From Mithral Mountains, rock and stone,
From dwarven hearth and dwarven home.
From Zeiphyrian forests, allia scent,
from elven huts and elven tents.
From Elenveran, the hobbit land,
from every hole, from every clan.
From Akdor's open, windswept plains
from each and every Brownie domain.

Our voices join, our hearts unite,
as we sing of Caelereth's fabulous sights.
Of the Crystal Bridge that glows before dark,
the cloewen tree with its snow white bark.
The mithral wolf as it howls at the moon,
of the Ephirn Lake, bathed in lights of noon.
Of the Nyermersys pillar, the sign of pest,
The Ráhaz-Dáth desert, by sun caressed.

The song paying homage to women and men,
To Artimidor Sage and the song filled Wren.
To Xarl Bluestride and cheerful Judith Bard,
To Dalá the dreameress, and Drogo "die hard".
To Lamertu K'thaen and Gararion wind mage,
To Silfer magic master and Talia shendar maid.
To so many names, still among us. Some not,
remembered are they always, never forgot.

So lets lift our goblet, mug and glass,
celebrate all, both man and lass.
Let leithe, artwine, the r'unorian brandy flow,
break out the fiddle, the flute and the banjo.
Lets hear the many bards sing songs of chance
and if we drink enough, we'll see our dear sage dance.
We'll all worry about the hangover another day,
because the fifth year of Santharia we celebrate today!



Our place is ringing,
the creators are singing,
the spirits are flowing,
our heads are growing...

This party will expire
not from lack of desire
to awake the next day
no one can really say.

Then it's back to the mill
we can not sit still
there is no debate
we have a world to create!


Contributions by various team members