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orn 5/14/60 in the great city of NY. T'olar is the 3rd or 4th (he doesn't remember which) of 19 or 20 (he doesn't remember which) children. Needless to say, T'olar comes from a very poor family, so poor in fact that they were too poor to stay anywhere at all, spending most of his youth living with uncle's and other families all around the United States. As you can guess T'olar is very used to relocating at a moments notice. The fact that he has been in Arizona for seventeen years is a major achievement in his life.

Picture of T'olar

Being one of the few children that wound up not being attached to any of the others, he knew from a very early age that he was destined to leave the family and make it on his own. So T'olar was forced to get used to moving around from place to place, after he wound-up attending 11 different schools in 12 years of schooling (mostly in NY and CA).

However, even today T'olar feels that this has made him very independent and self-sufficient, and he guesses that's a good thing. However T'olar does have family in New York, Calif. Ohio, St. Thomas.  He finally found a place to stay, Arizona, in 1984, which he now calls home. Working full time as a Technical Analyst, and attending the University of Phoenix, majoring in Information Technology. He has completed his B.A. Degree 12/98, after which he plans on continuing on to complete a Masters degree in Information technology or an MBA with an emphasis in Technology. Currently "single and looking" he would like to have a happy, warm, and successful family, which is full of love, wisdom, and compassion.

Being estranged from his family at an early age, T'olar has developed a very independent attitude. Understanding that everything depends on him, he approaches life with an attitude that he must win in life, and his life will be built by his own efforts. Loving to learn, he always discovers new and innovative ways to continue to grow. Having the great advantage of not having a home in which to grow up in, T'olar has developed a very open approach to life, living, and growing. Included in this approach has been the reading of many relationship books, personal growth books and self development books.

A long standing member of the SGI-USA a Buddhist organization devoted to World Peace through individual happiness, which as greatly contributed to his development as a person. T'olar has his own way of seeing the world. Sometimes, it doesn't make a lot of sense to other people, however, he finds that how he looks at the world is wholesome and healthy, again contributing to his growth as a person, and a reputation for being very nice and very friendly. Although, T'olar prefers to take changes slowly, he does, from time to time have many things on his plate at one time. In some ways T'olar is very ambitious and is willing to do whatever it takes.

T'olar has a reputation for being a nice person, and has a wide range of interest, with a great love of learning about new things, ideas, people, and cultures. T'olar is understanding, in the respect that people are people and although they may see and do things different from him, or what he has experienced, he understands that doesn't make them bad or weird (well maybe a little), just different. Personally he thinks that if we were all the same then some of us wouldn't be necessary. We are however all on this planet together....(OK OK T'olar is somewhat of a philosopher).

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Date of Birth
May 14th, 1960 (Translation: older than the hills=)
Place of Birth New York City, New York, USA
Residence P.O. Box 1370
Destiny/Doom Probably to die some day and be reborn as the king
Cellular Traffic Engineer
English (native), someTagalog/Korean
Tempe, Arizona
Nationality USAUSA
Messengers ICQ: 10594649 (TJ)
Favourite Books
Storm Season/The Hobbit
Favourite Music
Too many to mention
Favourite Games
Baldur's Gate II, Diablo II
Favourite TV Shows "Star Trek/TNG/DS9", NFL Football, NFL Basketball
Favourite Philosopher Nichiren Daishonin, Daisaku Ikeda
Hobbies Computers, Letter Writing, Travelling
Santharian Focus
Bestiary Writer
Joining Date
December 17th, 2000

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