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 was born and grew up in Mid-West England in a hospital only ten minutes walk from my house. We moved when I was seven, a whole 300 yards up the road to a bigger house. The area was beautiful with leafy green woods and huge cow-pat-filled fields covering the rolling limestone hills. Our second house was in the last street before the fields began, so we could just walk up this tiny muddy alleyway and be at the start of a number of hilly walks. We used to go sledging up there if it snowed as well - something I found highly overrated due to many painful crashes.

Jordan with her dog

Ella aka Rookie Brownbark

At school I was always a bit of a goody-two-shoes, which paid off once I got to the later years of secondary school. It's surprising how many times you can get away with giving in homework late when they know you as the good one! Anyway, I discovered a passion for the challenge of languages, possibly due to a ready great (though completely crazy) teacher who spent most of the time he wasn't giving us excellent grammar lessons singing and dancing around the classroom.

I continued with my French and German to A-Level, where I can say they are both much harder than doing Maths, and managed to just about get the required Bs for my uni course. I took Art as well in the first year, and Maths for both years, both of which I got top grades in with far less effort.

So, I went north to University, still taking French and German. I think it was the summer before I started my second year that I first discovered Santharia. I had been looking for a good rpging site for a while, as although I had done a bit when I was younger, I'd kind of outgrown those crowds. I spent a week or so writing out the character, but then wandered off again when I went back to uni. However, I remembered the site, and later came back to the rpg side, slowly building up a wealth of characters and finding some great friends too.

It wasn't until almost a year later that I decided to try my hand at the development side of things. After showing a brief interest in Brownie-related things, I was very much encouraged to begin updating and adding to that race. So I did. And I haven't really stopped.

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Date of Birth
March 21st, 1987
English (native), German, French
Leeds, England
Nationality United Kingdom British
Messengers I'm mostly found on the Santharian IRC Channel
Favourite Books
Fantasy stuff mainly. I read a lot of Terry Prachett because his books always put me in a good mood. Phillip Pullman - his Dark Materials series is also very good. I might even admit to being a bit of a Harry Potter fan (not the films though, ick). It's very rare that I haven't got a book on the go.
Favourite Music
Blargh. I don't have one, I like what we here in Leeds call 'Indie', which is... erm... hard to describe. In the last year I have bought a total of two albums and only because they were in a sale. One by The Kooks and one by Snow Patrol.
Favourite Games
Baldur's Gate I guess, although I haven't actually made it all the way through. I played the Catz and Dogz series for years when I was younger, slightly obsessively.
Hobbies Lindy hop (it's a type of Swing Dancing - Youtube it), reading, writing for Santharia (naturally), swimming (I used to teach synchronised swimming which most people find hilarious).
Santharian Focus
Brownies, particularly the Llaoihrr Brownie Tribe.
Joining Date
October 29th, 2007

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The Best Herbarium Entry Award 2008
Winning entry:
"The Ahrhillicia Pine (Cilla Pine)"

Tiny Rookie may be diminutive and crunchable, but she tackles large trees like no other! The Ahrhillicia Pine Tree ("Cillia Pine") is a pristine example of how to write a simple yet seamlessly integrated entry, along with a fascinating myth. The tree's name is also utterly impossible to pronounce. Nonetheless, it is with great pleasure that we award this fine entry the title of "Best Herbarium Entry Of 1668"! Huzzah!

The Best Miscellaneous Entry Award 2008
Winning entry:
"The Llaoihirr Mounts and Riding Techniques"

One of the broadest and thus busiest categories of 2008, a whole number of wonderful entries came out of Santharia's Misc section in the past year. This years highlight (and another award under the belt of everyone's favourite Brownie) were the "Llaoihrr mounts and Riding Techniques" by Rookie Brownbark - a developer who attained her full membership in '08 and has shone consistently when it comes to producing top-notch Brownie entries. Proven to be a very versatile and very clever little lady, congratulations Rookie, an award well-earned!

The Best Places Entry Award 2008
Winning entry: "The Council Tree of the Llaoihirr Brownies"
Writing Places entries is one of the most difficult things to contribute for the Compendium, as it ties tribal culture, beasts and plants, resources, mythology, history and what not together in one comprehensive entry. Rookie consequently expanded the work she had begun on the Vale Brownies and let it culminate in a lengthy, fabulously written, very detailed and at the same time entertaining entry on the legendary Brownie Council Tree. This great description should also inspire Bard Judith later in the year to contribute a picture to illustrate its splendor. So while there was great competition in the Places category, Rookie's tree still stands out, towering over the rest of 2008's picks! A wonderful example how focus on a certain aspect of the Dream, in this case the life of the Brownies, results in extraordinary entries!

The Best Race/Tribe Entry Award 2008
Winning entry: "The Rat Brownies"
While there was already an entry on Rat Brownies, a long overdue revision was needed to bring it up to date. And when a Brownie expert like Rookie gets geared up to do a revision, then rest assured it will be thorough. And thorough it turned out to be! Undoubtedly it was so great that it beat even brand new tribes when they made it on site this year, and this indeed is a remarkable feat in itself. All the different types, history, legend, research, it all came together into a marvelous entry that answers the last question on the phenomenon of Rat Brownies - an entry Rookie can be proud of and which is therefore awarded with "Best Race/Tribe Award 2008". Bravo!

The Best Miscellaneous Entry Award 2009
Winning entry:
"The Llaoihirr Harvest Festival"

Whatever Rookie touches when writing about Brownies you can be sure that she'll add another layer to what has been already established, providing in-depth information coupled with atmospheric descriptions. So whether you want to know about the Harvest itself, the Festival Day and the Weighing of the Uruyant, it's all there and more complementing what you might already know on Brownie lifestyle, in a way that you could think that you grew up in the Vale itself. Great stuff, Rookie, a well deserved award!

Commitment Badge 2009
With such splendid and diverse entries as the Llaoihrr Harvest Festival, the Darkling Brownies, the tale about 'How the Pfepper Plant got so Hot' or the Four Flowers Game - to name just a few - Rookie once again proved how to make the smallest Santharian race one of the most interesting. Always trying to add further details here and there to flesh out the Brownies and at the same time intent to organize things properly, Rookie even got her own Brownie Forum section now to cover all things small and moving that calls itself a race. Great writing, great organizational work, great comments, makes sure that Rookie gets another Commitment Badge this year!

Commitment Badge 2008
While Judy made it to "Sage of the Year" due to the fact that she's omnipresent in practically every category, music and artwork included, Rookie wasn't that far off. The main difference of her approach was that she focused her talents on entries mainly in the Brownie context, and in doing so she collected no less than four awards this year, and was nominated for several more. A truly breathtaking performance, making her the Santharian equivalent to Peter Jackson's oscar collecting spree at the final Lord of the Rings movie. Well deserved, Rookie!


Miscellaneous 2007 - The Artificial Brownie Wings, Newcomer 2007, Miscellaneous 2008 - Brownie Ethnic Groupings, Masterwork 2008 - The Council Tree of the Llaoihrr Brownies, Herbarium 2009 - The Savage Mushroom, Race/Tribe 2009 - The Darkling Brownies

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