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 Scot 'exiled' to England!

Oh, ok - I go where the work is, and there's little work for Level Designers in Scotland. I've moved around Britian a bit now - born in Glasgow, moved to outside Edinburgh, did a year and a bit of AI and Psychology in Endinburgh Uni, moved to Middlesbrough to do Computer Level Design at the uni there (dropped out) and then moved to Oxford for a year to work for Travellers Tales.

Game Design is something that I've been focused on for years now - it's something that I don't seem to be able to 'not' do. I once counted how many game ideas I could come up with in 20 minutes, and I believe I ended up with over 30. It's a little disappointing, as with the Games industry the way it is, none of those games will ever get made. So that's the reason I'm trying to teach myself C++ - so I can try to prototype the game ideas I get! I've used DarkBasic in the past, and while it's very fast and easy, it's as shoddy as a very shoddy thing :) All the programmers at work tease me about it though - keep telling me I should be able to fix my own bugs now! As if. They're good lads though, and I'm really glad I'm such a geek or I wouldn't be able to handle being the only girl there. It's recently been really hard - having broken up with my bf of 5 years (and still being at sea about that) and trying to get the game finished too - which means 16hr days 7 days a week. I've been trying to remember what daylight looks like!

I'm a bit of an RPer, but haven't had the time to do so in quite some time. I've played D&D, Vampire, Little Fears, Space Master, Role Master and a few other little games. I've even tried to run a few games, but if they last longer than a couple of sessions I chicken out and stop running them. Not because they're bad (I receive quite a few compliments) but because I keep thinking I'm going to trip up, and I'd rather not try :) I know - daft, but it's something I haven't gotten over yet. I roleplayed a great deal in Star Wars Galaxies (MMORPG) for a while - but after a time I grew tired of the style in the village I played in - it got a bit too 'American Soap Opera' for my liking. So I took a break. Haven't had time to get back into it yet, but I'm going to be playing it the way I like, next time. (And not get dragged into another 'kidnapping' story!).

I keep trying to redesign everything I touch though - you should all be wary of that! I've tried to make my own pen and paper RPG (managed to completely forget about ranged combat - oops), submitted countless design proposals on the Star Wars Galaxies forums, thought of a million and one modifications to games already out there, and now I've found the Dream! I really have to try and watch myself though - I'm prone to get disuaded if things get quiet for a while, so I'm going to try to not let that happen. :)

So anyway, I'm still in Birmingham doing the finishing touches to Coldwinter on the PS2. Missing Scotland, and my mum, a great deal. :/

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gfx gfx
Date of Birth
March 3rd, 1980
Computer Game Level Designer
English only, sorry
West Midlands, UK
Nationality Scotland Scottish
Messengers None
Favourite Books
Neil Gaiman, Mercedes Lackey, general Sci-Fi short stories
Favourite Music
Rob Dougan, Rammstein, The Darkness
Favourite Games
Star Wars Galaxies, Katamari Damacy, Dance games
Hobbies Play violin (badly), read, odd/strange science, electronics, programming (badly), game design, permaculture, japanese cooking, Ghibli anime.
Santharian Focus
Botanist and Miscellaneous Contributer
Joining Date
January 31st, 2005

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gfx gfx
gfx gfx

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