Santhworld is the interactive side of Santharia. It offers you games in the Santharian environment where you can slip into the role of a Santharian alter ego, test your skills as an adventurer in full-fledged role playing games, walk through fascinating short stories or even test your knowledge in trivia quizzes. - So what are you waiting for? On to Santhworld!


Ok. So you have no idea what that strange Santhworld thingy is actually supposed to be. What it does or should do, and what you can do, should do and how exactly that might be accomplished. Well then, I declare you a bloody Santhworld beginner.

Now you could just jump in and click on that big Santhworld graphic below to get right in and find out all by yourself, but maybe it would be better to read the introduction first. - Up to you, pal!

Enter Santhworld Introduction by CLICKING HERE.
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You know your way around in Santhworld? Or at least have read the introduction pages properly and now are planning to get going? Well then, go ahead!

Challenging Santharian role playing games, suspenseful adventures, interactive short stories, lots of trivia quizzes - all that only waits for you to be discovered!

Enter Santhworld by CLICKING HERE.

By the way: If you want to check out the teaser to one of our latest games, try the Mysteries of Nepris Teaser Movie!  
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The largest Santhworld game we have to offer is a full-fledged single player RPG, which leads you deep into Santharian mythology. Before you dive firsthand into the game - this teaser offers you some impression of what awaits you in a seemingly tranquil fishing village...

Interested in becoming a hero? Then make sure to read up a bit on the instructions and then head right in!

- Watch the trailer by CLICKING HERE
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If you have experienced Santhworld already and would like to give your opinion on the one or the other module, let us know. Want to write a walkthrough on a game? Discuss battle strategies? Make an own game! - Visit us at the Forums!

There's even an own Spoiler thread waiting for you if you need help, and if you've played through a game, please let us know by writing a short review in the guestbook.

And here are your links to discuss Santhworld:
- Santhworld Game Development
- Mysteries of Nepris - Discussion
- Mysteries of Nepris - Spoilers

- Mysteries of Nepris - Walkthrough
- The Santharian Guestbook
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Thanks to the diligent work fo Ferra Dyme Santhworld has also spread to YouTube! Ferra made a couple of Let's Play/Let's Read videos where she plays through various modules. Aside from getting a glimpse of these modules in action you also receive a nice introduction into the whole affair of textbased adventures. Just have a look yourself!

Available so far as YouTube Let's Play/Let's Read series:
- The Lorehold University (52 parts)
- The Mysteries of Nepris
(35+ Parts)
- Treasure Shoals
(33 parts)
- Uninvited
(7 parts)
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