While the world of Caelereth offers a whole plethora of different races, there are basically four main races to discern, who dominate at all known continents:

The Elves

Elves are a nature-loving, fragile and a very mysterious kind with inborn magical abilities which only dark-elves use for purposes countering nature's harmony. While some elven tribes appear as in spiritual form, others consist of blood and flesh like humans. They represent one of the main Caelerethian races, which has by far the smallest number of population compared with the human, dwarven or orcish races. But one shouldn't forget that the elves once were the predominating race in Sarvonian lands if not the world itself. In their own elven tongue (Elvish or Styrįsh) elves are also called the Styreians, which can be literally translated to just "being" or "being [with] nature". This also reflects their way of life.
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The Humans

The humans represent the predominating Caelerethian race with by far the the highest population compared to the elven, dwarven or orcish races. They are most commonly called "Men" (and in the singular form "Man"). Humans are known to be shortlived in comparison to other races, and they are renown for their tendency towards conflict and aggression. Humans are neither as strong as dwarvenkind nor do they possess natural magical abilities, but as they are ambivalently like the water a man is able to learn and master several kinds of skills during his lifetime, whether they may concern training of the body or the mind.
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The Dwarves

Dwarves are basically clan-based underground-dwellers. They are stout, stocky and strong by nature, the latter not only concerning their physical strength but also regarding their will and mental resistance. On the other hand they are seen often as stubborn and unyielding in every respect man can think of, which makes them quite difficult to cope with at times. The men grow long beards which they often braid, even females may grow beards at certain Thergerim clans. The race is well known especially for their fantastic abilities concerning forging techniques. They call themselves the "ThergerimErons" (singular: "Thergerim") according to their own tongue. Humans however often use the term "Thergerim" as equivalent to the plural form.
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The Orcs

Together with men, dwarves and elves the orcs are one of the four main Caelerethian races, but the only one who is bearing evil intent by nature and thus is very aggressive. The numerous different orcish tribes and races with orcish roots like the ogers and the goblins are spread in all parts of the known world and have led many wars against the other races and brought havoc to many lands. While not evil by nature they're rather chaotic and their aggressive tendencies are often exploited by other forces to bring death and destruction to many places of Caelereth. Orcs often follow blindly the orders of assigned leaders. The appearance of this race varies considerably from tribe to tribe, but the most feared varieties have grotesque faces with slanting eyes and flattened snouts full with sharpened tusks.
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