The Mynian Kingdom (2040-1649 b.S.) was one of the greatest kingdoms of Northern Sarvonia. It lasted for nearly four hundred years against outside aggressors and internal strife. In the end it took a full invasion of the orcs, and an unprecedented natural phenomenon to destroy this empire. During its heyday it boasted of a superior army, an advanced government, and surprising cultural development for its day. Now the once glorious capital Vermoth has become Wea’vermoth (Ruined Vermoth), the great towers that gave it its name are all shattered, and the halls of the kings now crumble around the orcs who abide there. Out of all of this though remains the memory of this great empire, in both the myths of the Kuglimz, the Mynians descendants and in the races whose memories do not fade.

Below you can view the royal line of the Mynians, the first dates in parentheses represents the ruling date while the second, smaller dates stand for the actual lifetime of the members of the royal families.

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