Anghorth Alsae Mountains is the name given to the northern extending range of the Zirkumire Mountains, a mountain range west of the town of Horth in the Santharian province of Xaramon. The Anghorth Alsae Mountains are located in the northern part of the province and are bordered on the northwest by Cyon Sola Bay and northeast by the Steppe of Kruswik. The Land of the Withdrawing Waves border it in the southwest while the Shivering Woods border it along the southeastern side. The southern point begins at the Bay of the Sky. The Dark Sea separates Anghorth Alsae, at times, from the main mountain group at an area called Land of the Withdrawing Waves. Even so, this range is still considered part of the overall mountain chain, which leads into the peninsula Cha'dómm where Xaramon's capital, Ximax, is located.

The elves originally named this range Énh'guor'thyrher'áll'cáey (literally: the "devour sea-cloud mountains") but humans moved in and colonized the whole area. Their voices were not able to pronounce the styrásh language adequately, so over time the name was corrupted to its present name.

The Anghorth Alsae are a tall rugged mountain range. The western slopes are butted up against the Cyon Sola Bay and are barren and rocky. Only low scrub brush and windswept spruce plants grow along the slopes. This is because these slopes are constantly battered by storms out of the bay. The eastern slopes are maybe not as rugged as the western ones but are still not easily traversed. Most of the fury of the storms out of Cyon Sola Bay is spent on the western side but there is plenty of rain that still falls in this region. This makes the alpine region on the eastern side densely covered with pine trees. The Chéniar Foothills are thick with prairie grasses as they fade into the Steppe of Kruswik. Only the area of the foothills around the city of Horth has the land been cleared and terraced. Here are vast grape vineyards.

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