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Portrait of the first Rónn of the elves of Deni'lou, the Aellenrhim elf Pherán'Ephtaerín. Pherán'Ephtaerín was initially captain of an elven contingent of bowers in SW III, then - in the course of the war - commanded joined human, dwarven, halfling and elven forces at the Battle of Four Swords (292 b.S.) and - retreating - finally supported Carmalad with his forces, trying to resist the overwhelming orcish invasion from the Northlands. Together with the few soldiers who were still left after the defending of the city, Pherán'Ephtaerín escaped the orcs by abandoning the Sarvonian continent and sailing east into the Adanian Sea with his wounded men where he finally became first Rhónn of the Carmarhim elves. Picture drawn by Quellion.