The Cave Drells

Image description:

These lizard creatures (Morlokerons in the Thergerim tongue) are about the size of a squirel when fully grown and about in 30 lbs in weight. Their bodies are covered from head to toe in coloured scales (as strong as plate armour). Cave Drells also have eyelids made of the same scaled material. Their eyes are large black voids on the sides of their heads, giving very good 150 degree visibility. They have four legs with razor sharp claws at the end of them and a long pointed tail which is extremley strong and flexible. Morlokerons can be domesticated by dwarves, although it is unusual. They are coveted by miners in particular, and honoured is the dwarf who has been able to find and bond a young outcast Morlok to his cause. Image drawn by Bard Judith.