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A Santharian Bard

View picture in full size Image description: A Bard singing to the tune of his lute. Image drawn by Quellion.

If you're searching for some original Santharian music to listen to and enjoy - well, you've found the right spot! This is the place of bards, singers and instrumental wizards in general (if we leave the medieval terminology a bit we'd say: synthesizer artists), well, you'll find the works of people at any rate, who have composed short melodies, sound examples or even whole songs and themes for the Santharian Dream you can download here. All the pieces of music are integrated directly into the site and stand for Santharian landscapes, illustrate the way of living of the races, recount stories, myths and legends or give examples of typical Santharian instruments. Sad, merry, happy or mysterious - I'm sure you'll find something interesting for you in our collection.

Because of the fact that the entries where music is contained are spread through various sections, this Music Section
now accumulates all those entries, so that you can just click through these few entries to listen to the sounds, songs and themes and have the appropriate entries right at hand. The sounds and musics can be part of the entries itself, but in general are put seperately at the bottom of the entries where you can find the name of the artist, the title of the song (perhaps the album it is already part of), length, file format and a download link. If there are more musics/sounds these files will all be contained in this sperate section at the bottom of the entry.

Note: Especially at larger MP3 files it is recommended to right-click on these files and to download them first. Once again: Many thanx to all the artists
, who have provided us with this great stuff!

Yours sincerely Santharian Webmaster,
Artimidor Federkiel