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This section is dedicated to the various languages spoken in the many realms in the world of Caelereth, including Santharia, the largest kingdom located at the central continent of Sarvonia. You may also find languages here which were spoken during the time of chaos before the realms of Sarvonia were united by Thar and later on by Santhros when the Santharian chronology began. The four major races inhabiting the world of Caelereth, humans, elves, dwarves and orcs, speek (or spoke in former times) their own languages, which may vary considerable at different tribes. In this section you'll find as much information as is currently available on all those languages, including rune tables and fonts.

Please note as well that we're currently living in the year 1664 after the ascension of Santhros to the Santharian throne according to the Santharian Calendar and that therefore languages which were common during the time of the unification of the realms were also different from the currently spoken languages. The reconstruction of the languages you can find at these pages tries to reveal the principles of the original languages and not to describe the languages spoken in the 17th century. Significant differences between the languages of former days and the languages of the 17th century will be pointed out in whenever necessary at the various entries.

Hope you enjoy the different Santharian languages,