In the following we try to give a short overview on important words of Kuglimz'seitre ("Tongue of the Tribes"), which one might find useful to understand basic texts. You can also use the tables shown below as a source of reference if you want to look up what words the Kuglimz use to write Numbers, Directions, Months etc. without having to consult the main vocabulary list.

Months. There are twelve months in a single year just as their are twelve deities in the Kuglim pantheon. Each month is made up of thirty days.The following months are put in order from the first month of the year to the last.

Kuglimz'seitre Tharian Santharian Equivalent
Uvt'vir First Month Month of the Turning Star
Oav'pfei'uvt Month of Steel Sky Month of the Molten Ice
Jeir'uvt Month of Rain Month of the Awakening Earth
Bavk'uvt Month of Wind Month of the Changing Winds
Rikz'utrak'uvt Month of Growing Flowers Month of the Singing Bird
Leir'tyan'uvt Month of the All-Mother Month of the Rising Sun
Uvt'ineira Sun Month Month of the Burning Heavens
Sur'tyan'uvt Month of the All-Father Month of the Sleeping Dreameress
Zam'uvt Month of the Harvest Month of the Fallen Leaf
Uvt'loch Horn Month Month of the Passing Clouds
Daeiv'evr'uvt Month of the Fat Moon Month of the Dead Tree
Mon'uvt Month of Ice Month of the Frozen River Return to the top

Seasons. In Kuglimz'seitre we have the following words for the seasons:

Kuglimz'seitre Tharian
Wueirt Spring
Del Summer
Kuglimz'seitre Tharian
Sitre Fall
Urg Winter Return to the top

Directions. North and West are corrupted forms of the elvish terms, several such words can be found throughout the language. This is due to the inherent closeness of the Kuglimz and the elves of the Shaded Forest, back when the Kuglimz were all one people with an empire centered around what are now the ruins of Weavermoth.

Kuglimz'seitre Tharian
Oreil North
Queig East
Kuglimz'seitre Tharian
Tulka South
Pyrga West Return to the top

Numbers. For any number above ten, until you reach a hundred, the words are combined. The same rules follow as with word combination. Ex: Teig’brak = eighty five.

Kuglimz'seitre Tharian
Vir One
Nuk Two
Mur Three
Nek Four
Teig Five
Kuglimz'seitre Tharian
Vurg Six
Zeir Seven
Brak Eight
Ceid Nine
Seik Ten Return to the top

Colours. The most important colours can be summarized as follows:

Kuglimz'seitre Tharian
Coeir Black
Foirk Blue
Garg Red
Garirk Purple
Kuglimz'seitre Tharian
Leiten Green
Meiv White
Myt Gray
Teirt Yellow Return to the top

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