Coming almost to the knee of most adult humans, standing about one half ped in height, Totit has been used by the tribes of east Aeruillin for generations for both a food source and a medication. Despite its generous numbers, the tribes have not been able to domesticate the plant or grow it in easily harvestable fields.

The Totit

View picture in full size Picture description, The Totit, one of the most important plants of Aeruillin. Pic by Quellion.

Appearance. A rough and enduring plant, the Totit is one of the few plants that survive in the harsh eastern Aeruillin deserts. Its strength of endurance is mirrored in the thickness of the heavy brown stalk of the plant. Numerous small almond-shaped green leaves cover the plant, giving the surrounding pale sands a shading of green life. A large pink or orange blossom blooms twice a year, sending the microscopic seeds everywhere on the harsh desert winds. Return to the top

Height: 0.5 peds
Growth rate: Matures twice a year- fully grown in two seasons (half -year)
Fertilization: Tiny seedpods are released twice a year. Plants have both male and female attributes, but genetics do not allow the plant to fertilize itself.
Blossom: Pink or orange depending on the region of the plant. Orange usually grows in the northern deserts while pink is mostly found in the south. The flower is also used to create a disinfectant lotion when dried and mixed with oil.

Territory. Totit grows in eastern Aeruillin, thriving in the hot dry climate.
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Usages. Totit is used in a variety of ways by several desert tribes:

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