Miyu (me-you) Beans are taken from the Miyuestiac Bush and are a recently rediscovered plant seed rising in prominence among healers for their anesthetic properties. Overdoses of Miyu Bean mixtures however might be quite dangerous.

Appearance. Miyu beans are the seeds of the Miyuestiac bush. The bush stands about 1.5 peds tall, with limbs starting to branch out from the trunk at about .5 peds. Its bark is a deep reddish-brown color, and quite shaggy. The limbs have thick foliage consisting of light orange bifurcated leaves and green bean pods. The pods measure about the length of a typical human's first finger. Within the pods are between 4 and 7 beans about the size of a human child's fingernail.

The beans themselves are not actually beans but more of a berry. They are black with a single orange ring around the top, and have a round shape. They can resist light pressure, but squash very easily. When eaten they have a mild sweet flavor fading to a very bitter aftertaste.
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Territory. The Miyuestiac bush grows best in a thin atmosphere. They are predominantly found on the Ilian Plateau and in portions of the Lower Fores. Samples taken have been known to grow in the city but only for a short time. The bush is usually found on the flat stretches on mountains, crowded together close enough for the foliage to overlap. The bush can also grow on a slope. Rangers have discovered that the bush requires almost no direct water to survive. It seems to get what it needs from the occasional fog that surrounds where they grow. Return to the top

Usages. The Miyu beans are used by healers as a general anesthesia and painkiller. The leaves of the bush have been found to be the only thing that can protect the skin from the bean's effects. When squashed and applied to the skin it numbs the immediate area for varying amounts of time, depending on the dosage. If the beans are ingested they act as a general anesthesia, numbing the whole body. One berry induces a short time of numbness, long enough for a small cut to be stitched, or a simple dental extraction performed. The maximum that can be safely ingested is 5-7 berries, discovered after an unfortunate incident where a healer stopped the heart of one of his assistants. If the beans are allowed to dry, then they can be planted to grow new bushes, or they can be ground up to create a powder. When mixed with a little bit of water the powder creates a paste, with the same effect as a squashed berry. This paste cannot be ingested, though, as it instantly stops all body functions. Because of this fact, assassins also use the Miyu beans. When mixed with enough water, or other liquids the bean powder becomes invisible. But to dissolve that much and still be potent 10-20 beans must be used, creating a faintly noticeable smell.
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Origins. This bush was originally discovered by a little-known explorer on the Ilian Plateau named Cahl. Having stumbled upon a bush grove, he decided to take a break to snack on them. Peeling them from the pod he accidentally squashed one between his fingers. Immediately his skin went numb. Testing it on all his scratches, he discovered that he was now pain-free. He gathered as many as he could and continued to the town of Horth. Upon arriving there he showed his discovery to the local healer, Khumtran, who was delighted; so delighted in fact that he killed practically the whole town with his administering. Horrified at what he had done the healer hid all knowledge of the beans.

Years later Cahl arrived at Nyermersys from his explorations in the north. He was later arrested for a bar brawl and the contents of his pouches, including the Miyu beans, were given to a ranger who was passing through, to discover what they were. While testing them she discovered their numbing properties and showed them to the local healer. Further testing began immediately and today the beans are widely used.
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