The Goldenbell Bush, named for its small, golden flowers, is a rather small bush that can be found mostly in forests in mid northern Santharia as well as the southern portion of Northern Sarvonia. Though not commonly planted in gardens, many deer, such as the starbacks and the Sarvonian white deer, find their leaves delectable and rodents like the field mice feast on their seeds.

Appearance. The Goldenbell Bush is typically a small bush, growing no higher than 2.5 fores tall, though it usually grows about two fores or a few nailsbreadths more than two fores. The branches are elegantly arched and tend to be a grayish brown or bluish brown color. The twigs and branches of the Goldenbell Bush are however hidden by the ovate, or egg-shaped leaves of the bush. These leaves are commonly about 3 to 5 nailsbreadths long and 2 to 2.5 nailsbreadths wide. These deep, sognosthos green leaves tend to grow rather thickly on the bush, completely hiding the branches and inside of the bush from view, except in the autumn and winter when the leaves turn a tan-brown and fall from the plant.

In spring, usually in late Molten Ice and early Awakening Earth, the flowers begin to blossom, even before the leaves return to the branches. These flowers are about 3 nailsbreadths long and have soft, golden petals. Each flower has five petals, each one of which is slender and slightly rounded at the tips. Flowers grow in clusters of one to six, though three and four flower clusters are most common. In the Month of the Sleeping Dreameress, these flowers become seedpods. At first they are small, about 3 or 4 grains in diameter, but by Fallen Leaf, these clustered seedpods will grow to about 1 nailsbreadth in diamet
re. They’re colored dark brown, sometimes with a grayish or reddish tint, but rarely will they grow any lighter than a dark tan. In the Month of the Dead Tree, these seedpods open and sprinkle their seeds over the earth.
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Territory. The Goldenbell Bush grows as far south as the Quallian and the northeastern part of the Zeiphyrian Forest and as far north as the Shaded Forest, though they are found more populously in Calmarios, Bolder, the Thaelon Forest, and the Goltherlon Forest. The Vontron, the Shivering Wood, the Istarin, and Paelelon are also common woods for this bush to growThey will also grow on some mountains, such as the High and Low Fores, the Tandala Highlands, and the Oro Mountains.
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Usages. The Goldenbell Bush, although it can grow in a variety of soil conditions, is rarely used in gardens. Many gardeners don’t prefer it because, in autumn when the leaves fall away, they’re quite a lot of trouble to pick up and because many don’t find the beauty of the Goldenbell’s flower worth their trouble. However, many animals find their leaves delicious and small rodents such as field mice will happily gobble up their seeds.
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Reproduction. In late winter and early spring, the Goldenbell Bush blooms, producing clusters of small, elegant golden flowers that produce pollen. Because the male and female parts are together in the same flower, it is most likely that a flower will be pollinated by itself or a flower near it, though sometimes a malise will carry pollen between bushes. By early autumn, the petals of these flowers have fallen away and a small seedpod forms. Throughout mid-autumn, these seedpods grow and at the end of autumn, they open and shower their seeds across the ground. By spring, these seeds will sprout into new Goldenbell Bushes. 
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