Fireweed (also known as "Pariya's Net"s, "Mermaria's Grace") is a brightly hued sea weed, native to the shores and seas of the continent of Aeruillin, making its home never farther than 10 peds from shore. These slimy plants are home to many of Aeruillin's sea-creatures and provide food, clothing and other goods to the people of this vast land.

Appearance. Fireweed is thus called so because of its magnificently bright coloration that from a distance appears as fire upon the water. These plants are made up of a vast network of leaves and roots that intertwine with one another to create a net-like appearance and are dried and used for this purpose by the fishermen of Aeruillin. Throughout the slimy mass of bulbous leaves and thick orangey-red roots, small sea creatures make their homes or come to feed. Many creatures depend on this native plant for survival and indeed so do many people.

The leaves of Fireweed are thick and round and grow on the surface and underneath the water. Inside each leaf is a very wet and sticky yellow substance that can be eaten as a water replacement. These leaves are the brightest parts of the plant as they have a brighter orange and sometimes yellowish color. They are all connected to many roots and stems that intertwine into a complicated pattern that only the most skilled fisherman can unravel.
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Territory. Fireweed is only native to the shores of Aeruillin and will only grow up to 10 peds away from land, which is thought to be because the plant depends on fish that are also only found closer to shore. Fireweed likes the warmest waters and hottest conditions, so it is unlikely that one would be able to grow it anywhere other than Aeruillin, although the southern tip of Sarvonia and other surrounding lands might have some chance at cultivation.
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Usages. Fireweed has many uses ranging between medical, food, and other practical things, but is mainly distinguished for the brightly colored dyes it produces.

Reproduction. Fireweed does not reproduce, but rather grows out and then separates to create new plants which also grow and separate again, most of these plants end up in one large tangled mass because of this. Return to the top

Myth/Lore. It is told that a fisherman once cursed the Goddess Pariya in anger that his wife had been so influenced by her priestesses to become independent and strong willed. Hearing this, Pariya's temper flared and she vowed she would have her revenge.

One day an opportunity came, when the fisherman was out fishing in his boat and had become tangled in his nets of evoor. Pariya took this chance to tangle him further and set his net alight using the oils of the evoor to create a very dangerous fire, unquenchable by water. In desperation the fisherman called out to Mermaria, Goddess of Water and the Seas, to help him. Mermaria was heartened by his calls to her and turned the burning mass into seaweeds. Because the weeds retained the color of the fire, they appear as bright orange masses, tangled together like nets.
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