The Artapherana is a name collectively used for four unique and fascinating trees which can be found only upon the Efirhal Hill in Milkengrad. Each one of them appears to represent one of the four elements and has a personality of its own. A glow of colored light emanates from each tree, according to its element and, when winds blow from the Thaelon, a melody is heard, sometimes sad, sometimes joyful. This melody has the ability to create certain emotions to those who hear it and is used as a means of communication.

Their individual names of the trees are Aeolerin, Nertelyx, Hydraloth and Helpheran. The exact origin of the Artapherana is still unknown, but sages in the 4th century a.S. connect them with the League, a secret elven guild that played an important though subtle role in the Helcran development.

Appearance. The four Artapherana can be described as follows:

Territory. The Artapherana are four unique trees to be found only upon the Efirhal Hill in Milkengrad. Return to the top

Myth/Lore. There exist several stories about the Artapherana’s psychic abilities. It is commonly believed among the Centoraurians that the Artapherana have the ability to "see" into the souls of the living and reveal their deepest fears, desires and dreams. The legends can be listed as follows:

Origin. The exact origin of the Artapherana is yet unknown, except maybe to the top members of the League. Artemidoreus, the League’s leader and inspiration, is said to have brought the four great Artapherana seeds and planted them upon the Efirhal, but what their original source was nobody knows.

A rumor connects them with the Tree of Life and the Carpi’coór, saying that lost souls who sought refuge in the Eu'reóll mixed with it and became these powerful, sentient seeds, but as nothing more is known it is unsure to elaborate on this any further.
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