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  Der Weltenbastler Webring

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DER WELTENBASTLER WEBRING (german only!) Webring is German only - The German Weltenbastler Webring is a ring of sites dedicated solely to pages which focus on creative and original world building projects - only setback however is that all sites you find here are in German. The ring is not a webring for role-playing worlds, though, but for everyone who enjoys the process of designing worlds itself and puts them on the internet for show-off and in order to receive comments. The Weltenbastler Webring should be more than just a simple conglomeration of fantasy sites, the intention is rather to generate a thriving meta-community, where world creators can communicate about their experiences in world building and give advice and provide suggestions. Therefore the ring also features a very frequented and active Message Board. If you're German speaking, this might be just the webring for you! Return to the top

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