Below you find sites, which represent rare gems of the world wide web, whether they are fantasy related or not - sites you definitely should check out, be it due to its web presentation in general, the concept it stands for, its usefulness or whatever. If you're searching for the elite sites on the internet, here's a decent selection of must-see sites! - Got a proposal? Let me know so that we can evaluate your suggestion and perhaps add it to this hall of fame.


  Visit Wikipedia
WIKIPEDIA - Wikipedia is a global and multilingual web-based cooperative free-content encyclopedia. It exists as a "wiki", a type of website that allows visitors to edit its contents. Wikipedia is written collaboratively by volunteers, allowing most articles to be changed by anyone with access to a computer, web browser and Internet connection. Wikipedia represents a revolutionary concept and is definitely the fastest source for information about practically everything you might want to know, and surprisingly very reliable. The project was initiated in 2001 and is now operated by the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation and is highly popular - for good reasons! Return to the top


  Visit Elfwood
ELFWOOD - According to its self-definition Elfwood's mission is to provide a place for amateur artists and writers from all over the world to share, teach, and inspire a new generation of dreams. Elfwood strives to promote the creation of art and fiction as a serious and meaningful hobby for the young generation, introducing them to painting and writing, helping them to create their own material and finally giving them the option to publish what they have created. This is a value Elfwood cultivates at the site in relation to young people. It is their goal to continue this work with young amateurs in the field of art and fiction. - A site with a dream and a mission like Elfwood definitely earns our wholeheartedly recommendation. Check it out!

  Visit the Keep of Metal and Gold
THE KEEP OF METAL AND GOLD - Thief: The Dark Project changed the world of PC gaming for the better. Thief "Gold" followed, then Thief 2, and finally Thief 3. - If you're a fan of the series and a sneaker by nature, then there is absolutely no way past this site! The Keep of Metal and Gold is dedicated to all the hundreds of fan missions created with the editor Dromed. If you think that you've seen it all already and there can hardly be any better levels than in the original game, then you haven't played those levels, it's that simple. Download masses of levels all here for free, all missions are rated, screenshots are included and the site is constantly kept up to date... - Happy thieving!

  Visit Lord of the Rings.Net
LORD OF THE RINGS.NET - The official homepage of the Oscar awarded Lord of the Rings movies provides the latest news about everything related to Peter Jackson's cinematic version of J.R.R. Tolkien's fabulous narration. Learn about the films, the legend of the book itself, the imagery. Download masses of wallpapers, movie clips or even add an own Lord of the Rings skin to your ICQ Messenger! Find a shop for fan articles, further links to fan club sites and more... - Just the most important Lord of the Rings site you definitely should know about. Return to the top


  Visit Home of the Underdogs
HOME OF THE UNDERDOGS - Home of the Underdogs is a non-profit site dedicated to the preservation and promotion of underrated PC games and a few non-PC games of all ages. The site rates and offers literally hundreds of abandonware games (games which are not sold anymore and aren't explicitely forbidden to distribute) for downloading, including manuals, musics and links to pages where you will find solutions for the games. All possible genres are available. Additionally Home of the Underdogs harbours a thriving community to assist you if you have questions concerning any game you can think of. Though the site has some annoying advertisement banners, it is a true treasure chest for every fan of computer games. Simply a must see without doubt. All you need is enough time for all the masses of games which await you here... Return to the top


  Visit Dynamic Drive
DYNAMIC DRIVE - Dynamic Drive is the #1 place on the net to obtain free, original DHTML scripts and components to enhance your web site. If you're a webmaster and are searching for scripts to improve your page then search no longer! Dynamic Drive has everything you need - page navigation is simple and easy, all scripts are categorized, examples are included and precise details are given on which browsers a script works and where not. Whether you want to realize a cool menu, let pictures fade in or out, preload graphics or put a few funny things on your site - Dynamic Drive tells you how to do it. Little if any experience in JavaScript is necessary. A page for every webmaster, whether you're a newbie or a professional! Return to the top

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