The Plague disease is also often called the Blood Death (due to the massive expelling of blood by the ill), the Black Death (due to the bruises and blood beneath the skin) or the Pestilence. The disease itself is shrouded in history. It killed nearly the entire township of Thevelin (the later Nyermersys, which was under quarantine) in 602 b.S. and was only halted from killing more by the Quepruran Clerics. This plague gave the town its nickname "City of the Dead".

The Plague at work

View picture in full size Image description. Gruesome scenes from the deserted Thevelin after the Plague had hit the town. Image from the game Mystical Empire, used with friendly permission, drawn by Quellion.

Symptoms. One of the first symptoms is an inflamed area (some think it a bite from an insect of some sort) of the body, usually in the neck, armpit or upper inside thigh. Less than a day after the "bite", victims suffer from high fever and chills, and become very weak; without treatment the ill may become delirious (doing irrational things, seeing things and babbling incessantly) and convulse.
Things get worse, however. If the ill continues to not get treatment, they will begin bleeding from the nose and mouth as well as large unexplained bruises and blood in their excrements. With this stage of illness, the loss of blood and exhaustion is believed to be the cause of death.

Others with the Plague will die quicker; they will take on early symptoms such as swelling and illness, but will quickly develop body aches, a difficulty breathing and cough blood; this usually signals a death by suffocation as the lungs become unable to process air.
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Effects. The Plague, if left untreated would kill those affected. This was common in the early days of the Plague, as healers and surgeons would refuse to treat those ill for fear of becoming ill themselves. Only the Quepruran clerics would treat those that were ill, and that was only in the end of the Plague in the ancient Thevelin. It takes roughly 3 weeks from notice of the bump to death.
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The Pest Pillar of Nyermersys

View picture in full size Image description. The famous Pest Pillar of Nyermersys. Picture drawn by Faugar.

Cure/Prevention. The only known cure to the Nyermersys Plague was the knowledge and blessings of the Quepruran clerics. These people seemed able to hold the illness off, nearly immune to it themselves, and still cure others through their faith in the Silent Goddess. When others feared the ill, the Clerics tried to save those that were not yet showing symptoms by keeping them away from the Ill and feeding them constantly, despite the fact that the food the Clerics gave them were full of fungus and other small plants. Eventually the clerics won out, though only saving 1500 people out of the 6000 quarantined within the city. Return to the top

Vector/Cause. No one seems to know where the Plague came from, or where it went to after the Plague of Nyermersys. Some believe it a Curse from Queprur, who only lifted it after she felt she had done enough. Others think it arose from a terrible accident of a great mage. Those with a more pastoral knowledge believe it to have risen from the bites of insects, who they thought seemed to carry the illness themselves. The most common theory, however, is that filthy rats carry the disease with them, or at least are the first beasts affected by the Plague, as the deaths of many rats are said to have preceeded the breaking out of the Plague in Thevelin. Since then Queprur, the Goddess of Death, is also often depicted in rat-form, as the rats are viewed as the deadly messengers of the Goddess. Return to the top

Endemic. As scholars seem to notice, a second occurence this size such as at the Plague of Nyermersys has not yet risen, at least not to their knowledge. Some cases have sprung up in the past centuries from time to time north of Nyermersys or in rural areas of Southern Sarvonia, but those affected are quarantined and either cured by the clerics or die shortly. It seemed only specific to the conditions of Thevelin at that time that it happened so broadly.
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The Age of the Blood

602 b.S. The Great Plague of Nyermersys
The Great Plague breaks out killing thousands of citizens. As the origin is unknown the town is set under quarantine. The rest of Santharia is safe but the town’s people suffer under terrible conditions. From the original 6000 inhabitants approx. 4500 die during the time of the Great Plague.

After several months of dying the priests of Queprur finally find a way to cure the plague. From this time on the high temple of Queprur is turning into a large pilgrimage site for all kinds of people seeking absolution from the Goddess of Death. The "pest pillar" is erected on the main plaza to commemoraze this terrible event forever.

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