The Zyloth is an enormously huge, strange, and most immensly powerful beast. It can be thought of as a dragon if you want, without the wings, yet it makes up in intensity what is lost in the wings. Many times people report foam fuming out of the mouth, and that they are rabid killing machines. This is not to far from the truth. By no means are these monsters of beasts evil, yet they carry out a manor which strictly states they are dominate.

The Zyloth
View picture in full size Image description: Aphranda the Fierce posing on her subdued Zyloth. Picture drawn by Aragorn.

Appearance. Absolutely massive, the Zyloth is overpowering to most creatures. With huge and cunning muscles all over its body, the Zyloth has no other match when it comes to hunting or even fighting. Horns are usually grown on both sides of the head, yet only the male horns reach over a fore in length. The horns of the females are usually shorter and are more stunted at a younger age. Again on the male horns, they start out fat and stout, and curve upwards after growing out about a palmspan. The tip of a male horn is usually very sharp yet it is rarely used as a weapon. This part of a Zyloth is very valuable and can make one person rich if they obtain this item.

The Zyloth's mouth is filled with razor sharp teeth that can rip through any type of material. It is said that the eyes glow at night to a bright orange and in the day the eyes remain a light yellow, as other eye colors may vary from Zyloth to Zyloth. A male Zyloth can grow up to 6 peds in height, and weigh up to 150 pygges. A thick and long tail (about 2 fores long at the most) is prolonged out straight from the back and is usually lifted up to help balance when chasing down the prey. For an all purpose use, the Zyloth has a set of 8 claws on each hand. The claws are not retractable so when carrying the young females must be extra careful. A full grown adult is usually a pale green, and a full grown female is usually a darker green.
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Special Abilities. Some very special abilities for this odd creature comes with its speed. It is super fast for its great size and usually does not have to run for a long period of time to catch what it desires. Though if forced to run for a longer time, it does have the ability to save energy by using a trot. Coming with such great speed is the ability to pounce. Some say wings would fit this beast nicely, but when it pounces it may even seem that it has wings. A pounce for the Zyloth is basically a large jump into the air to capture an escaping prey. Most cases indicate the jump to be 4 to 5 peds into the air. Though stories have also been told that groups of Zyloths have "pounced" their way into villages on rampages destroying everything. Return to the top

Territory. The Zyloth can be found in the northern parts of the desert continent of Aeruillin in southern Caelereth. Not many have been found straying in the desert though some say it has camouflaging techniques that it uses to help not to be disturbed and to bare it from the heat of the sun. A Zyloth can live virtually anywhere for i's attributes allows it to survive in most terrains.
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Habitat/Behaviour. A wild Zyloth is very dangerous. There is not one other creature in the deserts of Aeruillin that can fight this monster and actually win. The matching attitude fits it perfectly, Zyloths are known to be cocky. Zyloths also are known to attack travelers for uknown reasons. Nobody can ever predict how a Zyloth will react to certain actions, so better avoid such beasts as well as you can. The Zyloth is especially feared to just pop up at places outside of the desert limits surprising human settlements causing many deaths. The Zyloth's thick skin usually prevents it from attacks of iron or even steel arrows, which hardly pierce the Zyloth's natural armour.
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Diet. Most Zyloths can wait up to several days before having to look for prey. This is also useful in harsh times such as flooding or other natural disasters when it may not get a chance to eat until a few weeks later. Though when it is time to eat, you can bet a Zyloth won't miss the opportunity. The massive hind leg muscles allow the Zyloth to move extremely fast for its size and its overpowering jaws and claws will undoubtedly kill its prey in a mere matter of seconds after the initial capture. A Zyloth will eat anything with enough meat on eat but usually hunts for bloodworms in the desert sands.
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Mating. At an age of approx. 10 a male Zyloth is ready to mate. Though a female Zyloth takes much longer to mature, it usually does not take longer than a few years more. Another way to tell if a Zyloth is ready to mate, is that the male Zyloth will grow a golden brown crest that forms under its belly and goes all the way to its neck. When a male Zyloth is ready for a mate, he does not actually call for a female though this call usually attracts one anyways. When the Zyloth makes its first mating calls it attracts other males that are ready to mate. This absolutely stunning appearance is rare to see, but once seen its a spectacle of a lifetime. Two Zyloth beasts then will rise to the highest height achievable trying to show their dominance. Once the taunting is over, a fight ensues. The fight will continue until one of the Zyloths is dead. Once a winner is declared, a second mating call will be screeched into the air witch states that he is the winner and in turn a female Zyloth will appear.

Baby Zyloths do not emerge from eggs but are born alive. The pregnant mother is carrying the Zyloth(s) for a little more than 5 months and usually carries 2 babies at a time. The first Zyloth to be born will usually be a female baby. About 1 or 2 weeks later the second baby will be done developing and it will usually be a male. Not all times does a pregnant mother Zyloth have 2 babies, but most of the time that is the case. A babies size is just a little less than a fore during birth, yet they grow very rapidly the first and second years. The color of a baby is a pale white to a pale yellow during its fist 5 years, thought colors may vary. Normally the green tint will start appearing during the latter years of it maturing.
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Myth/Lore. It is said that the Zyloth has been tamed occasionaly by human heroes and heroines. This is a very rare case indeed. Those who have managed to achieve this great feat have started to train the beast once it was born. If any of the wild insticts come into play, then the trainer could be killed. Some have claimed to have used the Zyloth for hunting purposes, which is the most reasonable feat to acomplish. Thought some have taken their training a step further and have trained the Zyloth to have martial purposes.

It is also said that those who are able to kill a Zyloth beast in battle, as warriors, have good luck cast upon them. Return to the top

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