The Cro'cuta, is a large dog-like animal living in the Rahaz-Dath, in the open woodland and on the floodplains. They have cannibalistic tendencies and are often seen on feeding on the small or weak, hunting in large packs, which is making them feared by most lone travellers. They are about one ped long, from nose to the root of the tail, with a shoulder-height at two, two and a half fores. The usual dirty fur is brown, with black spots about the size of a kidís hand.

Appearance. The Cro'cuta is covered with a thin and dirty brown and black fur, and got yellow eyes, with rectangular black pupils. The ears are pointed, and the inside is covered with soft hairs. The teeth are about two nailsbreadth long, yellow, and a couple is cracked. Their breath smells awful, and if a bite is not cleaned properly, you'll get a nasty infection and wound-fever. They are one ped from the black, hairless and sensitive spot on the tip of the nose to the root of their tail. The main body is broad and powerful, covered with muscles from hours of running. Their legs are not very long, but their legs and strong body enables them to run fast and long distances when needed.

Under their small feet, they have thick pink skin, where they are unable to feel intense heat or cuts, enabling them to run over hot and sharp rocks. On the end of the feet, where their toes should have been, they got a set of long claw-like nails, used for clawing when fighting and keep
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Special Abilities. The Cro'cuta is capable of running under the pounding desert sun for hours, and on hot, sharp rocks without much pain. They feed on carcasses, on other Cro'cutas, and they can withstand lots of painful wounds (but then the rest of the pack eats it). They also got good ears, and their nose is great at sniffing up the smell of a prey. Cro'cuta are capable of extracting needed liquids from their food, but they prefer to drink ordinary water. Return to the top

Territory. The largest concentration of the Cro'cuta lives in the central Rahaz-Dath, following the migration of their prey through the floodplains and the open woodlands in the Rahaz-Dath.
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Habitat/Behaviour. The Cro'cuta is a pack animal, ruled by one male leader. The leader is the strongest in the pack, and the best fighter. To become the leader you must fight the current leader. If the leader is already dead, the Cro'cuta usually fight to become the new one. The leader gets most food, and he can eat first.

Cro'cuta are cowards, and donít fight if they donít have to. If their pr
ey gives more resistance than it is worth, the beasts will run away with their tail between their legs. Cro'cuta are not particularly bright, and are easily fooled into traps and snares.
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Diet. The Cro'cuta's main food is meat, and as much as possible. They eat carcasses and wastes, their relatives and the various pray nearby. They usually take down the small or the weak and dying. Any lone travellers are in danger of becoming dinner to a bunch of ragtag dogs. All in all, they donít bother with what they eat, just if itís eatable.

The Cro'cuta
s can also extract the needed liquids from their prey, but they prefer ordinary water. 
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Mating. The Cro'cuta mates each autumn, when the males of the pack challenge each other to the right of the females. The bitches usually accept the winner of the competitions. Each bitch gets 3-5 puppies during the early spring. 
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