Centaurs are but one of many kinds of powerful mythical creatures bred by sorcerers during the War of the Chosen (approximately 9500 b.S.), or at least this is what legends tell us. Representing a strange, inseperable combination of a human fighter and a horse, the Centaur is a quick, strong, and fierce warrior. It is unknown if Centaurs still inhabit Santharian lands at the current age, though every now and then new stories arise in different parts of the country.

The Centaur

View picture in full size Image description: A Centaur readying for battle. Picture drawn by Aragorn.

Appearance. A Centaur is the unification of a horse with its rider by magical means, combining the benefits from all positive attributes of both creatures, mainly quickness (from the horse part) and strength (from the human part). Centaurs are a strange sight indeed, but many myths tell us that they existed in former time. Some sources tell us that originally soldiers were made into Centaurs as a punishment for treacherous deeds. On the other hand, it may be that mages did it intentionally, as a means of warfare. Return to the top

Special Abilities. Centaurs are extraordinarily strong and quick in battle, having the advantages (but also disadvantages) of both parts they consist of, human and horse. Return to the top

Territory. The Centaurs practically disappeared from the world after the War of the Chosen, and now only live on in myths and legends. The reason for that was because the knowledge of their creation died with the mages, or at least this is what is believed. They do however appear in several narrations and stories of later times, mainly as guards of magical places and such, but its very unlikely there are any at all left today.
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Habitat/Behaviour. Centaurs were used in great numbers in the War of the Chosen, the great war, which plunged not only the whole of Sarvonia, but also the rest of the world into death and destruction. The combination of horse and man produced many advantages on the battle field.
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Diet. As Centaurs have to be counted to the mythical creatures, which existence cannot be proved, not much can be said about their diet and other things which usually consitute Bestiary entries. It is assumed that Centaurs did not have any particular diet. Since they had no growing period, being created straight into the army, they ate what all other fighters ate during their travels, which would usually be human food.
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Mating. It is supposed that Centaurs were created genderless and, without a magician, could not reproduce themselves. This offered control over the population, and also, it is said, the genderlessness made them fiercer in battle.
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Myth/Lore. In the mythological tales of Algeron there is a story of a horrible massacre that happened near Antiragon during the War of the Chosen. There, an army of Centaurs only was lured into dense undergrowth where it was slaughtered helplessly by the opposing force as the transformed warriors were not able to free themselves, which also points out that the magical creation of this mythical beast obviously also had its flaws.

There is also a well known story of a Centaur called Mithiras, who was originally a condemned man from Naios as the legend tells us. Something has gone wrong in his creation, and the mage thought that both the horse and the rider were to die in the end, but to his surprise, the Centaur turned out just as all others. Happily, the mage sent him to training with others. But something has indeed gone wrong… - or wrong in the intentions of the original Centaur’s creation. For this one’s mind and memory were spared unlike at other Centaurs, which had turned in pure, mindless fighting machines.

When he discovered what he’d become he was frightened, because he knew about Centaurs. At the same time though, he was surprised about himself. He remembered all and felt that he could think just as he did before, whereas Centaurs are supposed to become war creatures without any feelings. He could not stand the company of these mindless creatures, so he ran away and hid himself in the depth of the woods of Mid-Western Sarvonia. He liked the forest, probably one of the few places that the War of the Chosen did not yet reach.

Legends tell of various adventures Mithiras had as a Centaur. Part of Mithiras was still a horse, an animal, and he was able to learn the tongues of many beasts and birds in the forest. He lived on a unicorn glade in the midst of the forest and he was happy there. He saw unicorns sometimes, but could never come close, for he knew, he was made a being far from pure. And he became protector of the weak in the forest.

There also was a village nearby. An army was once passing over those lands and the village was ravaged and burnt. Those few villagers who were left after an army swept their homes, found refuge in the forest, where they found Mithiras. Or, rather, Mithiras found them. At first they were afraid of him, but later he was able to show that he was not at all like the other Centaurs. He befriended the villagers, and helped them to set up a settlement in the forest. They made him their leader and he remained so till the War was over and a little time after. Some say that later those people called themselves Centoraurians, but it is only a myth. Nevertheless it is a legend, the Centoraurians themselves hold dearly.
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