The Puvtar Cat is a longhaired breed of cat living in the High and Low Fores in Een Puvtyr with the dwarves residing there. They are known for their long, soft coats and for their large eyes. Like the dwarves who keep them, the Puvtar hates water with passion, though it loves the silver little mithanjor living in the underground ponds of Een Puvtyr.

The Puvtar Cat
View picture in full size Image description: The furry dwarven Puvtar Cat. Pic by Viresse.

Appearance. The Puvtar Cat would be one of the more popular longhaired cats among breeders due to their exceptionally long and soft hair, but few really know much of this breed. They are usually found in solid, smoky, chandler, and dyed, though they also comes in mottled or herŪn styles of coat. They are popularly found in white, cream, and ash, though they are sometimes found in dull browns and tans. They are also occasionally found in black, silver, and gold, though these colors tend to be quite rare.

The Puvtar Cat has a rather heft body, short and stout, though very strong. They have eyes that tend to be bigger than most other cats so that they can see in the dark underground caverns of Een Puvtyr, though the glowglobes offer some light to the dim tunnels and hallways, the corners where rats and other small, edible animals may hide are often obscured by shadows. Because of this, the pupils of this cat are always large and almost never reach the thin, slender shapes that other cats' eyes are able to achieve. For this reason, they are highly sensitive to light, especially sunlight, and thus remain underground.

The colour of the Puvtar Catsí eyes are usually a green or yellow, though they will also be found in copper and gold occasionally. They never have eyes in blue or violet. The Puvtar Cat also has paws with strong, thick claws, which are rarely broken.
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Special Abilities. The Puvtar Cat has an incredible sense of vision in even the darkest of corridors. Their large eyes and fat pupils allow them to see in almost pitch-black corners in their underground habitats. Their coats also keep them warm in their sometimes-chilly environment, which they share with the Thrumgolz dwarves. They are some of the best feline hunters with a higher rate of success than most other breeds. Return to the top

Territory. This furry feline makes its home in the dark underground caverns of both the High and Low Fores. Because the Puvtar cat canít stand to be out in the bright sunlight due to its highly sensitive eyes, they have never been found living any other place in the world. Because of this, their existence hasnít been known for more than a few centuries. Few have actually ever seen the Puvtar cat as the Thrumgolz dwarves that keep them do not often allow foreigners into their home. However, many breeders who have heard of them or seen pictures genuinely wish to own one.
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Habitat/Behaviour. The Puvtar Cat thrives in the dark caverns of Een Puvtyr. These cats despise water with a passion despite their love for mithanjor. When wet, they will often yowl pitifully until they are taken up and dried. They clean themselves often to keep their furry coat from getting tangled or dirty. They are extremely patient with children usually as dwaren girls will commonly keep these cats. Though these cats hate water, they thrive in the humid tunnels of Een Puvtyr. Their bodies are used to taking in a lot more water than most other cats and Guild Felinus advises that, if you own one of these cats and live outside of Een Puvtyr, that you give it lots of water.
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Diet. Most Puvtar Cats are given a steady diet of scraps, usually mithanjor heads and tails, but only in small portions (though many dwaren children may give them many more little tidbits.). To maintain themselves, they hunt rats that may dwell in the corners of their habitat, though they more commonly eat amphibians, such as frogs and toads. Every once in a while they will take down and eat a baby cave drell. Their favorite food, however, is the mithanjor, a thin sliver minnow living in the numerous pools in Een Puvtyr. Catching one of these fish is another matter altogether, given that the Puvtar Cats loath water.
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Mating. See Domestic Cats entry.
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Usages. The Puvtar Cat is commonly used for its hunting ability. Many dwarves keep it in order to keep their working area pest-free. They are also kept as companions and playmates to women and children, often young girls, who will dress up and tease these cats and sometimes spoil them with treats. However, these cats do help to entertain young dwarves as so they wonít keep their parents busy.
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Origins. The Puvtar Cat is thought to originate from the Barn Cat, who made its home in the dark cavernous caves of Een Puvtyr. Over time, its hair grew long as to keep it warm in this place where no sunlight shines and its eyes became adjusted to seeing in the dark cavernous halls. Return to the top

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