Found in the Province of Brendolan, this cat is one of the most intelligent, having the capability to learn tricks and tasks including carrying messages from one member of a household to another. They are dedicated and loyal, thriving on companionship and always wishing to please their owners. They are often kept by wandering minstrels or bards who will often use them in their acts. Because of this, the Brendolian is sometimes referred to as the "Minstrel’s Cat" or, less commonly, the "Bard Cat".

The Brendolian Cat
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Appearance. The Brendolian is typically a shorthaired breed, though some cats have hair a bit longer than most shorthaired breeds. Their bodies are similar to a barn cat's, though the Brendolian Cat may be a bit more slender and strong, allowing great agility. The paws of the Brendolian contain very small, blunt claws that are rarely used as this cat in not commonly a hunter. Some Brendolians have a tail longer than most other breeds of cat, helping to maintain its balance.

The Brendolian comes in several styles of coat, though it commonly appears in solid, tabby, and herín. It is less common to find one of these cats wearing smoky or chandler patterns. Coat colours are commonly of the lighter variety and include white, cream, silver, light ash, light rose, grayish allia, taupe, tan, and light cerubell. The eyes of the Brendolian are most commonly found in yellow, copper, and green, though they will sometime appear in light to clear blue. It is not uncommon for this breed to have two eyes of different colours, commonly blue and green. The unusual coloration of the eyes does not affect sight though it may, for unknown reason, lessen the cat's hearing ability.
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Special Abilities. The Brendolian is known for its intelligence and eagerness to please its owner, sometimes by learning tasks such as carrying messages over short, familiar distances (as in the household in which they live) to owners and members of the owner’s family to whom they recognize. Commonly carried by minstrels and bards, they can also be taught to participate in their acts by doing tricks, some of which are quite elaborate. They have be known to "dance"; that is, the cat goes up on their hind legs and moves about, sometimes jumping or moving in circles. They can also be taught to walk on their front feet, walk on ropes, and even leap through rings of fire in more elaborate settings. The willingness of the cat has to perform such tricks springs from its loyalty and dedication to its owner while the amazing ability comes from the Brendolian’s strong yet slender figure, which allows great agility. These cats also have a talent at mimicking sounds that they hear, including the songs of their bard or minstrel owners. Sometimes they sing along, though what they say can sometimes be difficult to understand. Return to the top

Territory. The Brendolian is found in the greatest concentration in the Santharian province of Brendolan (as the name already suggests), especially in Seraia and the capital city of Bardavos. However, because they are often kept by traveling minstrels, bards, and other such wanderers, they can be found all across Santharia, primarily in the taverns of large cities.
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Habitat/Behaviour. Brendolian Cats will live almost anywhere as long as they are with someone. They thrive and depend on companionship and if put in solitary confinement, they will pine away, sometimes losing appetite for food and the ability to sleep. Once they find a companion they are loyal and faithful, no matter if it is a human, elf, other cat, or any another animal. Tales of this cat finding a companion in certain birds and rodents is often spun as a humorous story. Once a cat finds a permanent companion, the cat will often stay with them for life. A Brendolian dying only a few days after their owner passes away is not a rare occurrance. The Brendolian has no fear or complaint of travel as long as no exertion is required, and will contently sit on the shoulder of its owner or on a specially coveted horse-saddle pummel. Separation from an owner will usually result in long, sorrowful yowls. The Brendolian cats have a temperament that is almost always kind, gentle, and amiable.
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Diet. The Brendolian Cat is always kept as a pet and is thus fed by their owner. Because most owners tend to be minstrels, bards, and travelers, this cat will happily eat whatever can be found in the taverns their owners may perform or stop at. Those owners that do not do so much traveling will simply feed their Brendolian cat food. Because this cat is not a hunter, they will rarely hunt for their food. They are not accustomed to the taste of rats or mice.
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Mating. See Domestic Cats entry.
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Usages. Because of the cat's trainability, its usages are endless. It is known for being able to relay messages between members of a household by way of small parchments thrust into a small pouch on its neck collar. It will also do tricks happily in order to please its owner. Its agility allows it to jump far distances quite easily and its balance allows it to walk on either front or back feet. However, because of its small, dull claws, it is unable to hunt.
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